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I picked up a cheap dressing gown for Daisy last week from Big W which she is totally in love with. This of course made Harper a little jeal, so I hunted through some old clothes out the back and found just the thing I was after a hand me down dressing gown from one of the cousins in her size and Dorothy the Dinosaur nonetheless. She is so taken with it. Loving herself sick. And it is quite possibly the sweetest, funniest thing to see her trotting about in it like some little Jedi.

Also, apparently she is now 2. Look at her! Where is my baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby?!

Thanks SO much for all your kind words about THE Hen’s do yesterday. And for the few of you that asked and wanted to see some snaps of me I give you, some snaps of me. Because I am nothing if not generous. I had to cut me out of one of them so it’s a little grainy but you get the general idea. I think.

And because I am so far from perfect I thought I would even share the one photo taken of me from the worst possible angle showing off the full beauty of my double chin. Thankfully the ham arm has been cut out. But this is the real me – a little pissed, standing up and speaking off the cuff as only I seem to do at events.

You’re most welcome.

Yesterday we had a pyjama day around here. It has been a loooooong time since we have had one of those and it was much needed and awesome. I didn’t brush my hair, stayed in pj’s {although I did have to put a bra on as my girls just aren’t what they used to be and could have taken one of the girls out if I had turned around too quickly}, watched a movie with Daisy AND Harper even slept for 3 hours. We had left overs for dinner and I behaved in such a sloth like way I was *almost* ashamed. I finally watched Sex & the City 2 on DVD {and actually had Daisy sit and watch it with me. It’s OK I covered her eyes for the sex bits}. I should have covered her eyes for the whole bit though – what a shocker! Bad acting, ridiculous plot, ridiculous outfits (fabulous sure but ridiculous) offensive. Urgh…what a shame that’s what is left of such a great series.

Now that I have the mind space to think of things other than the Hen’s I have realised that the Aussie Bloggers Conference is on this weekend! Yes I’ll be there. Standing awkwardly pretending to be texting someone to look busy or important or something. I haven’t thought through any of the logistics of it – when I will get up there {probably will leave at sparrows fart Saturday am} and what I am wearing {no idea} how/where I will get changed for the evenings event {no idea} what I will wear to that {no idea} and what I have to offer {not much maybe some great hair} and just if the new pimple that has sprouted on my chin will be gone by then {fingers crossed}. But now that I have started to think a little, and it’s only Tuesday I will get it sorted. Right? Right. Luckily for me {and for all those attending} I have a hair appointment later this arvo so at least my hair will be just so.


  1. LOVE Harper in that dressing gown. So, so gorgeous.

    SATC 2 is dismal isn’t it? Offensive is the only way I could describe the whole debacle. That scene with Samantha near the end had me cringing for a week.

    I too have no idea about any of those things for Saturday. No outfits, no idea about logistics, no idea how or where I’ll change, etc.

  2. You crack me up!
    Little kids wear everything well. Either cute, or funny, or gorgeous, but never badly.
    You look fabulous by the way. I’m sure your speech was highly amusing!

  3. OMG Harper is growing up so quick, isn’t she! Love the dressing gown. I found Abi’s one from last winter and it it still fits her, woo!

    Ham arms? I don’t think so sister! You look gorgeous.

    I had a PJ day yesterday too. Well, more like bra and knickers day really. Since I’m a milking cow at the moment, I see no reason to put clothes on! haha

    SATC2 is terrible isn’t it. Samantha was beyond offensive. Miranda and Charlotte’s “motherhood” scene really annoyed me too. The best thing about the whole movie was the hot rolex Carrie gave to Big.

    The Bloggers Conference will be fab. My sis is going. I’m not, but will definately be there next year!

  4. You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics.

    Is it ok if I sit over here and mutter that I would quite like to be you?

    Have a wonderful time at the conference. xx

  5. I have a pimple on my nose and a big slow grower on my chin. Sigh. I might be the one in the facemask on Saturday at the conference!

  6. Beth, you and Corrine are more than welcome to shower and change in my hotel room. I’m sharing with Brenda … am sure she won’t mind. xo

  7. She is so gorgeous!

    I also had a pj day last week where I did absolutely nothing, my husband got home from work at 5, looked at my son wearing his Pj’s, and praised for being organized enough to have him bathed and ready for bed already….yeah…. bathed….organized :S

  8. I think what you meant to say was “Because I’m nothing if not gorgeous”.

    And Harper is the spitting image of her mumma. She really is!

    Have fun at the conf with your just-so do. x

  9. We would love the person behind this sweet blog with 20 chins!! Was there a fashion or colour code, you all look coordinating in a cool way, not matchy matchy poo poo. Love Posie

  10. Awww Harper, she is edible! I love her little facial expressions. You’re lookin the goods lady, hot Mama pants! Can’t wait to catch a glimpse of you ladies done up for the main event, how exciting!
    P.S. SO glad to know I wasn’t the only one cringing at SATC2… and I saw it at the movies! Geez I felt like donning my dark glasses and a wig for fear I may be seen leaving the cinema by someone I know ;o)

  11. HOLY CRAP BEV, look at your offspring! Adorable. And you know, if I’d had girls they would have been called Matilda, Harper, Scout and Sage. #justsaying

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