So long summer

Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers in vases in my home. For something so simple and {sometimes} cheap it brings you happiness for a week. A smile will appear each and every time I pass them by. That is, until they shrivel up and die.

I picked these colourful pretties up for under $15 on the weekend. The roses are a colour I would not normally pick {surprise, surprise Daisy digs them} but for 2 bunches for $10 they had to be chosen. And when cut and stripped and added into my all time favourite round vase? They’ll do nicely. The Gerbera’s are fun and colourful in a 1992 kind of a way and are shown off in full colour in my Grandma’s vase.

I’m not sure what flowers will be around in Autumn {but in fruit shops it seems you can whatever, whenever} but I know that there will continue to be some flowers in this spot, making me smile.

It feels good to have made it through an entire season here in our new house, our new town. Sure it’s the easiest one by far, but it’s good to be getting through the year slowly, slowly. My first summer will be remembered by the sounds of the lawn being mowed {at least once a week} of green lawns and green trees and a growing garden I could barely keep up with, of BBQ’s on the verandah, of summery afternoons drinking beers at the pub and of washing drying crisply in the hot sun. I do love summer but I think that Autumn is just about my most favourite time of year. I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us!


  1. Lovely blooms – and I’m with you, I like autumn best. I reckon a Highlands autumn is going to be pretty damn gorgeous too. Enjoy!

  2. Two bunches for $10… that’s country prices right there!

    You are going to ADORE a Highlands Autumn. There is no place I’d rather be! x

  3. Stop it with those pics… Home Beautiful! That first pic is just perfection. Love it AND the blossoms!

  4. Ooh, I wish blogs came with a “smell” button. Beautiful

  5. The flowers are just beautiful, but I’m loving that vase. Oh, that lovely round vase…

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