Old friends. Best friends.

What a busy couple of days we have had around here! We had a lovely visit from one of my oldest friends from school and her husband and 2 kids on Saturday night and then Rob’s Dad & step mum for scones yesterday afternoon and then Rob’s Mum is here for a few nights while she is on a golfing trip with some of her mates! The sheets have been on rotation, towels in the wash, dinners in the oven and wood on the fire.

Friday afternoon/evening as we had drinks with our lovely neighbours a cool change swept through and bought with it an icy wind that is still around. The fire was on continuously for 2 days, we even had to sit inside when we were at the pub and we had ideal conditions on Saturday night for pork belly and dessert of home made caramel sauce and plenty of wine. My poor {pregnant} bestie sneezed and sneezed and then sneezed again with hay fever so I’m sure that took a little of the shine off her visit but the kids had a great time together – Daisy was thrilled to be reunited with one of her old friends from Sydney and even more thrilled with the fact that he got to sleep in her room with her!

Whilst old friends certainly are the comfiest to be around I have to say that the new ones I keep meeting aren’t half bad either. Between our neighbours who share a love for a Friday wine almost as much as Rob and I, I also meet some new ladies at a park this morning who have also moved down here from Sydney – and incidentally discovered me through my blog –  were kind enough to take me in for a Monday morning play session – Hi Suzi & Kathleen! And thanks!

This week the pace does not let down. It’s going to be a biiiiiig week. I have Mum down tomorrow night, Thursday a special day planned at a local spa for massages & facials with Rob {thanks to Rob’s Mum for the awesome Christmas pressie!} then on Friday morning we have the local neighbouring town’s Annual Show on and then the hen’s start to arrive in the afternoon/evening with my Mum and my two sisters before the rest of the gaggle of girls {all 16 of them} arriving Saturday morning. I have plenty to keep me busy – booze to buy, flowers to source, candles and glass jars to be purchased….oh I think this week is just going to whizz past.


  1. Nothing better than having nice things to look forward to, weddings/food/booze/day spa… life is good for you!
    I was just saying yesterday I need to book a holiday as it’s great to have something to look forward to, especially when you’re having a day of the kids breaking down every three minutes. Beam me up Scotty!

  2. Sounds like a fun one..even if you’re busy..hope your week goes really well and everything according to plan!

  3. I can’t wait to read about your ‘gaggle of girls’ weekend, sounds like a barrel of fun ahead :o)
    Can’t believe you’ve already got the fire blazing down there, must be freeeezing.

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