Oh Dahlia!

We have another round of visitors this weekend coming down from Sydney so I have been out and about this morning picking up bits and pieces. On the list? Flowers of course! Take a look at these colourful beauties I picked up from one of my favourite shops in Bowral – Wild Food. And the best bit? They were cheap as chips AND come from a local grower. Having them perched *just so* all wrapped up from the market with ribbon around them on top of the pram as I walked through the crisp autumn morning made my heart sing!

Happy {almost} weekend everyone!


  1. They are lovely. You do live the good life, y’know.

  2. they are divine

    such pretty shots and such pretty colours

    Gill xo

  3. I adore dahlias! Just beautiful.

  4. Dahlias are favourites of mine. Someone called them ‘old fashioned flowers’ the other day and I thought ‘when were dahlias ever out of fash, who knew?’

    Adore your little ray of sunshine down below. I love that she followed that little sun patch across the room. Too precious.


  5. Nothing beats fresh flowers.


  6. SO pretty. I miss wild. *sniffs*
    Have a great weekend. Supposed to get chilly.com

  7. Oh the Dahlia! It doth take me back to my childhood. The richness of colour in these flowers is extraordinary. That local grower must have some damn fine soil to be cultivating these babies.
    If only they had a scent… as I recall they have none.

  8. oooh those are just gorgeous! That has inspired me to make sure we plant more dahlias next year… perhaps a whole garden full of them!

  9. I love your flower posts. There is nothing more beautiful than real, beautiful, alive, fresh smelling flowers in a lovely vase. Thanks for sharing your natural beauty on your blog! xx

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