Holy Hens do!

Ahhhhhhh. Did you hear that? It’s a huge sigh of relief that ‘the’ partay was a huge success! A relief that it all went to plan. Relief that the bride to be and all her friends had an absolute ball {I think?!}. Relief that all the things that I had planned actually turned out better than I could have hoped for. I am absolutely exhausted but mostly thrilled that it’s done. And done good {if I don’t mind saying so myself thankyouverymuch}. Wanna look?

Thought as much.

Friday night my older sister, Ma and little sister arrived for the night. We awoke to a beautiful day. We waved off Rob and the gals then settled into some serious girl time. We waited for the ladies to arrive and were surprised to see that one of my sister’s friends and Bridesmaid {aka Tai Tai} had surprised the bride with an early arrival from HK for the wedding. Nice one.

We had a drink to start the day off in style.

We went to the pub for a casual ladies lunch.

We came home and had some high tea.

We had one serious thunder storm in the afternoon so stayed indoors drinking tea. Nattering. Painting nails.

Then I officially went into “the bridal zone”. My hired tables, chairs and ‘bits’ were all made ready and the room was transformed to Father of the Bride on steroids for our formal dinner. I know, it’s not bad hey?! The bride and most of the gals were sent to get ready and unable to sneak a look until drinks.

Then the sun came out after the storm just in time for drinks and canapes on the verandah.

Then we got to do the ‘reveal’ to the bride. She was suitably impressed. Nice one.

Then we had drinks as the sun set. Can I say that I have now found my new happy place? It’s having someone offer me drinks from a tray at my house with no work required by me. Best thing ever. I just have to work out how to make this happen every day…

Did I mention that I had a man on the verandah playing the Classical guitar whilst we had those drinks and ate those little canapes? No? Oh. We did. We had a man on the verandah playing the Classical guitar whilst we had those drinks and ate those little canapes. Shut up. This officially sent the Bride over the edge and she ruined her make up with chubby tears that almost burst into grateful, happy sobs. Almost.

So then it got dark and we got to light the candles. Uh huh.

Then we sat down and ate the most fabulous 3 course meal prepared by a chef who cooked in my kitchen and cleaned up my kitchen whilst I got to sit down and have wine poured into my glass. In my house. Not by me. Best. Thing. Ever.

Then we danced and drank and danced and sang and played silly games, opened silly presents and had silly fun. I also got drunk and stopped taking shots at this point. I collapsed into bed at 3.30am, awoke at 7.30am to clean up and get things back into order. We had breakfast at the local cafe got back home and the last car left around 12. I then cleaned up and prepped myself for the re-arrival of kids, Rob and reality.

Exhausted? Yep. Deliriously happy that my little ideas came into fabulous reality? You betcha. Planning on somehow getting that Chef back here in the immediate future? Uh huh. Relieved my part is over? Why yes. On the serious countdown to wedding of the year? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. You are the BEST sister ever. I want someone to do this for me. I want to get married again JUST so someone can do this for me.

    I am gobsmacked at how much beautiful effort you went to.

    And sad that there are no pics of you. xx

  2. Aww this is so beautiful!! Sounds like such a great day xxx

  3. I am not a fan of the traditional “hens” night. This, however, is absolutely perfect. Wow. What a thoughtful and beautiful sister you are. xx

  4. Gorgeous Beth! What an amazing sister and bridesmaid you are!

  5. Anonymous says

    I want to get married again just so you can organise my hen’s night!

    It looked amazing and you did a fabulous job! Be sure to remember your efforts and what a fabulous time everyone had the next time you’re feeling flat at home with your girls. You might have a career in event planning/creating very special occasions ahead!


  6. Wow – that is just he most exquisite and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Utterly magical. Well done you!

  7. I hope that you’re sporting a badge on your chest that states clearly “I am THE best sister E.V.E.R!!!’.

    Every detail is truly gorgeous and I love, love, love seeing the reaction on your sister’s face when she sees the table for the first time.

    I’m also super-impressed that you’ve posted so quickly, you truly are a woman of legendary status Beth and have set the bar very high for the remainder of us.

    xx Felicity

    PS What really sent you into Genius status for me was employing the team to help so that you could truly enjoy the wonderful festivities with your sister, family & friends!

  8. Oh wow, seriously, that is incredible, what an amazing night, your decor was beautiful, how incredible to be able to open your home to your sister and friends and be able to do that!

  9. I truly think we should be sisters Beth, coz I want ALL OF THAT!

  10. OMG Beth! These photos are amazing.

    No wonder you are tired!

    Seriously, this looks like the best hens ever. Well done hun.


  11. Holy guacamole! That is amazing!! Well done for pulling it all off with such grace and style.

  12. What an AMAZING event – you are THE best sister ever.

  13. Yup, completely amazing. You did a fantastic job! x

  14. I’m ordinarily not a squee-er, but SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! x

  15. I would like to jump into my computer and sit myself at that stunning table. My God ….. you are absolutely amazing. Wow. Well done!

  16. I read this post this morning and have thought about it all day… Wow wow wow. Words cannot describe. Perfect. You should be doing this for money. Hens would pay….
    Well done to you!

    Ps I agree… No photos of you? Would have loved to see one!

  17. Hooley Dooley Lady! I’ve been looking forward to seeing these pics, they’re even better than I imagined! I never had a sister, but if I did, I would want one like you! What an amazing job you did, looks like it all came off perfectly. You could go into this event planning professionally in your beautiful house… not sure where you’d ship the kiddies off to though… ah details ;o)

  18. Stunning! Nice freakin’ work! *s*

  19. Far out! What an amazing weekend. Far out! Wonderful! Xx

  20. Anonymous says

    Just amazing!!


  21. I was wondering how it was all going!!! How absolutely gorgeous that you and your sister love each other so much, that you went to such lengths to make her happy. She will never forget this, as long as she lives. Squeeeeee!!!!!

  22. oh so gorgeous. I want a do over of my hens/wedding – at your place. Amazingly beautiful, Well done you x

  23. Absolutely stupendous, Beth. I’ve never seen anything like it. Take a bow! J x

  24. I was so awestruck by the love shown to your sister with this amazing and beautiful weekend when I read this yesterday, that I couldn’t even comment. Truly special.

  25. Wow! That is a hens do to outdo all hens dos. I’m in awe and jealous all at once. Reading and looking, I just wanna be there – sipping (or slurping) and oooohhing at all the effort you went to. Congratulations – you can certainly be proud of that beauty! 🙂

  26. That is amazing! Sister of the Year material!! I loved reading this and truly enjoyed the stunned look on her face as she entered the fancy-smanzy dining room. Also bravo to you for being soooooo smart and having it catered so you could enjoy it as much as the guests.

    I can hardly wait for the wedding post!!

  27. omg the best sister ever!!!!!!! the best house ever! the best day ever! I did a kitchen tea and then drinks and dinner afterwards but my sister asked me ‘what is a kitchen tea’ so I did most of the organising

    i so want your house, I think I have to show these pics to my hubby so I can have my dream house and host fabulous parties like that! ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I loved it before but now these piccies have taken it to a whole new level of house love

    it was so fun to meet you yesterday! you are gorgeous and I could have talked to you…all day!

    hope you had fun, I’ll go back to drooling over these pics and everyone looks gorgeous too! Martha would be proud of you!

  28. Oh Beth looks awesome. Where did you hire the chairs from, I think this would be a good idea for Christmas.

  29. Debs Sutton says

    I’ve never had a sister so can I have you please??!!!! Just divine Beth…..well done.xx

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