Gals and Dolls


  1. I LOVE this. The way Harper is watching Daisy so carefully. I miss those girls!!!!

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  3. Look at Harper’s little feet!

  4. Anonymous says

    Oh Love hearts!!


  5. That is so sweet! <3

    Love Emma,

  6. Oh we have that doll’s house & wheely bug – are you in my house?? Love Posie

  7. Oh bless!!! They are so precious. My two girls were sitting together at the doll’s house today, in a very similar fashion, only on the floor. Doesn’t it break your heart?? xxxxx

  8. I say this to my boys alot, but it SO applies to Harper, I could eat her on toast! She is so gorgeous. They both are! That second picture is just frame worthy. Those little feet :o)

  9. I want to eat those toes….look at her just adoring her sister….missing x

  10. I don’t think our girls are the same species after all, BabyB… x

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