The first

: The first collection of wood
: The first use of my new wood basket
: The first setting of the fire
: The first lighting of the fire
: The first crackles and smells and smoke
: The first sitting of the fire on the couch with wine in hand

: The first of many {no doubt} for the year and the season
: I’m officially in my happy place


  1. Oh brrrr, we’re not that cold yet but that looks damn cosy!! Love Posie

  2. The first of many happy place moments by that fire I’m sure Bettina x

  3. Sigh…

  4. Okay I’m officially green with envy. That is if I wasn’t so hot with the aircon on. God I love your home.
    I always find a fire so relaxing to just stare into space; almost meditative and calming. Enjoy and I look forward to many more when it really gets cold. x

  5. It’s so hot right now I can not imagine a fire. Wish I was there.

  6. Wow. It’s fire weather already?! Lordy.


  7. What a fireplace! I’m loving that chair next to it. The whole scene in fact. I can see you kicking back with wine in hand lady. Good on you!

  8. Jealous!! I have such wonderful childhood memories of our winter fireplace. The sound, the smell, emptying box after box of tissues into it… (was that just us?)

    We have a fireplace that sits there taunting us. It is blocked. It is wrong. (We’re renting. Urgh.)

    I love this blog by the way. Love it. Makes me feel very nostalgic.

  9. I know how comfy that chair is. I can only imagine how glorious it is next to that fire. x

  10. We had our fire on too last night! Bliss xx

  11. Ok, so I want to move to Bowral now.

    That is all.


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