The falling leaves, drift by my window

There are a few little signs, here and there that the season has changed. Slowly but surely the leaves are colouring and some starting to fall. Is there a better time than autumn? I just love it. LOVE it. And this garden, this town of mine is going to do it really well.

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving home in the dark {sometime before 6am eeek} and heading up to the conference for the day & night. I’m excited. A little nervous. And mostly really looking forward to being surrounded by other people that get this blogging business. And perhaps me too. Posts about stupid leaves and all…


  1. Hope you enjoy the conf as much as you’re going to enjoy Autumn in your beautiful part of the world.


  2. Have a brilliant time at the conference! Can’t wait to hear all about it x

  3. Ohhh Autumn is deffo my fave too! These pics are lovely! *s*

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