Coupla things

:We are heading away tomorrow for THE WEDDING! It’s here at last! I am excited about it. Excited about spending 4 days away with all my family and kids and friends. Every time one of my siblings has gotten married it has been a fabulous time. We always seem to have a marquee wedding or something that we set up entirely ourselves with getting the flowers from the markets to setting the tables etc and this will be no exception. Friday will be spent setting up the marquee, doing bridal arrangements and bouquets…I just LOVE this time. Not to mention the actual wedding wedding, the bit about love and commitment and partnership and champagne, and food and dancing and well, everything! If you know someone who controls the weather can you send a little wish for clear skies down the South Coast on Saturday afternoon around 3pm? Thanks! This is where the big occasion is being held – we are all staying in the farmhouse with the ceremony & after party in the fabulous gardens. The Bride and Groom are spending their wedding night in the Silo – too special!

: Here are Daisy’s shoes that she picked up as flower girl. Ah loving herself sick? Why yes, yes she is! I would quite fancy some myself. These were from Seed.

: The kids are all going to be sleeping in these fabulous bunk beds. Aren’t they amazing? Aren’t they the ultimate sleeping arrangement for 6 cousins? Daisy has already ‘baggsed’ her one – let’s hope no one else has their eyes on it. Harper will be (thankfully) we coming back home on Saturday and looked after by her Grandma Katie (Rob’s Mum). Knowing she is here safe and sound and not required by me at any stage on wedding day (and night) is a huuuuuuge relief. Thanks Gma!

: Yesterday when deciding on what to wear I spied an old pair of jeans on my shelf. I have been unable to throw them away even though they are years old, for they are my ‘pre kids skinny skinny jeans’. I wore them when we were setting up our wedding in the marquee 6 years ago this weekend (did you know that my little sis is getting married on our wedding anniversary?!) Anyway, I thought – what they hey, I’ve lost some weight – and you know what? THEY FIT! Those MOTHERFUCKERS fit me! I came dancing out to the lounge room where I made Rob take this photo of my arse so I could send it to my sister to prove that even though I haven’t given up Lurpak or custard tarts, I have still lost weight! Β 6.7kgs in fact. 6 years and 2 kids later those jeans still fit me. It’s been a joy I haven’t been able to contain (hence why that shot made it on here). I am hopeless at weight loss. I peaked waaaaaay too early and then lost interest (as I seem to do each and every time) but I have managed to keep it off – perhaps I have found the weight where I am meant to be? Anyway…a victory!

: I will try and get some posts out while we are away but I will be busy. Can’t wait to share it all with you afterwards. Now go on, wish my sister and her beautiful husband to be all the best and while you’re at it, wish we a Happy Anniversary. Because I know you care!


  1. Happy Wedding BabyMac’s sister, and Bridget’s best friend!
    Happy Anniversary to you! Oh I’m envying you on your jeans. Congratulations, no better feeling. I’ve my skinny jeans hiding in the wardrobe… πŸ™‚

  2. To all the Mrs Oh So Fabulous In My Jeans Mac,

    Wishing you and your handsome husband, your sister and her future husband and all who love you the happiest of happy weekends with bright skies both day and night for the most fabulous of celebrations.

    xxxx Felicity

  3. all the best for the wedding babymac’s sister! hope you get sunny sunny weather, but not too hot πŸ™‚

    woo hoo for the skinny jeans butt shot. go girl!

    eat drink and be merry this weekend x

    ps the place you are staying looks sensational. i would be baggsing one of those bunks myself ….

  4. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog (via Pink Patent Mary Janes) and just had to tell you that you’ve sucked me in completely. So completely, in fact, that I’ve just spent two hours AT WORK reading through your archives.

    Seriously, I am soooooo close to going home and telling my husband we are moving to the country, it’s not funny!


  5. Gosh, I want to bags me one of those bunks! They look awesome.

    Have a great time at the wedding flaunting your new skinny ‘ass πŸ™‚

  6. Fantastic bunks! Great Arse!

  7. wow love the beds! I could house all of my children in 1 wall! I am a wedding junkie so can’t wait to see the pics. I’m sure they will be gorgeous

    yay now imagine those silver shoes with your skinny jeans!

    you look great btw! Its like a drug that feeling of getting in your skinny jeans!


  8. Oh will you LOOK at that cutest little bum bum.

    Good on you man, I haz my fat jeans on today. Happy anniversary to you, and can’t wait to see pics of THE WEDDING. Eat your heart out Wills and Kate.

    Oh, and I still love you, even though you just introduced me to bloody Lurpak – imported Danish butter. Thanks a LOT.


  9. Oh congratsy to your sis and to you & hubby on 6 years. Woot! What a celebration it will be. Everything looks amazing. Including your arse. πŸ˜‰

  10. Hey there hot stuff!! I hope you have an incredible time shaking that tiny booty on the dance floor – happy anniversary and wedding day to all four of you!! xxxxxxx

  11. Happy Anniversary!
    Happy Wedding!
    Happy skinny jeans!

    Enjoy! Xx

  12. Oh good luck to Lucy and you and the rest of the fam! Fingers crossed for a fine day… can not wait to see some pics :o)
    Happy Anniversary to you also lady, here’s to many more!
    P.S. You are ROCKIN’ those skinny jeans… grrreat arse ;o)

  13. Have a briiiiiilllliiiiant time, Beth (I know you will!). I love your new dress, but it’s a shame you can’t wear your new-old jeans to the wedding ‘cos your arse looks smokin’ in them! x

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