Come, take a morning walk

Come on, talk a walk with us this morning. We’ll go into town. Up our road and turn right. Down the main street. Past the cows. Past the crab apple tree. The air is cool and crisp. The sun warm and bright. We might see a rabbit. Or a wombat if we’re lucky. And most definitely hear some birds.

It’s Autumn time. It’s beautiful. It’s my town.


  1. So pretty, I can see why you love living there.

  2. Even mentioning the Crab Apple Tree conjures a happy place, and childhood play.
    I can see why you love your town, and what an amazing life for kids growing up with all the fresh air, slow pace, cows and stillness. Good work Mama!

  3. No, it’s RIDICULOUSLY beautiful in your town. No wonder your family fits in so well!

  4. Bliss

  5. Just so lovely – thanks for sharing x

  6. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If only smell-a-vision could have taken me all the way! Have a happy day. 🙂

  7. You’re just loving yourself there, aren’t you hon! I wish I was strolling right alongside you. My memories of being there are so strong that I can sniff the air as we walk (pleasant, with a hint of manure).

    Oh and there’s NOTHING ON EARTH more bossy than a big sister!? x

  8. I grew up in the country (sigh)… your pics are lovely!

    Mama & The Monkey

  9. You paint a delightful picture lady. Loving those curb-less sidewalks :o)

  10. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! *s*

  11. Okay, even though I just subscribed to read your blog I think I’m going to have to stop already as I can see it’s only going to make my longing for the country life even greater. Only kidding – about the unsubbing part, not about the longing part. So glad I found your blog :-).

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