5 on a Friday

It’s all been love and sunshine and lolly pops around here this week hasn’t it? And it has been, kind of. And yet I have also been a little down suffering from post wedding blues, post looking forward to something blues, and just getting on with life. Here are 5 things I have not been on top of this week.

My smallest child
She has broken my spirit a little with tantrum after tantrum after tantrum. I think I recall this early stage of tantrums with Daisy at the same age – and yet, like everything with kids, you forget until you are in the thick of it all. These early tantrums are so out of control – pure emotion, and frustration, and crank that they are difficult to pull her out of them. Even a “Look Birdie!” hasn’t been able to do it. Her sleeping has been not great as well, and I think we have a wee cold to put into the mix – it’s not pretty. Her language is out of control and she constantly babbles on and on and on about everything and then gets frustrated when we don’t understand something. Do you blame me when all we hear is “Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat BABY Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat MAMMA Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat Iwantdat”. I think she wants that?! We did, however, get to Sydney on Wednesday for her 6 monthly check up with her paediatrician and she is now so well that we don’t have to get back there. What a 12 month journey it has been for this little lady. Thank goodness we have come full circle – tantrums and all.

Wifely duties
You know how Rob got that brilliant present for me that was thoughtful and fabulous and clever and all round wonderful? Want to know what I got him? Nada. Zip. Nothing. Sweet FA. Am I the world’s worst wife? Quite possibly. I didn’t even get him a card. Or do a blog post. I know. I know. I will try and make it up to him somehow.

My cupboards are bare. No food. No drink. Dinners have been takeaways and stuff picked up on the way home from somewhere and this non organisation does not bode well with me. This morning I have a date with Aldi, and I just know that a full fridge and cupboard will make me feel better. Instantly. Pathetic, I know. Last night we had a pizza pyjama party eating on the floor. It was awesome, but lazy.

We are meant to be going out tomorrow night and I don’t have a babysitter arranged yet. Bugger. It’s Friday and I NEED A BABYSITTER! Hopefully some more calls around will get me one. It’s times like this I wish that Sydney was just 5 mins away. I really wish I had this reliable, lovely 17 year old who was available all the time that the kids loved and who loved us all. Where is this little girl?

My own Advice
At the wedding on the weekend I gave a speech and it was funny and caring and insightful (ha!) and I told my sister that the success to a happy marriage was lots of things – communication, patience blah blah blah and also SEX. And yet? I NEVER HAVE SEX. Seriously in between all of life and tantrums and kids when do you people have sex?! I need to focus on this (it’s OK, I also mentioned in my speech that I need to focus on this) and Mrs Woog even came up with a program for me at the Bloggers conference, and yet? Nothankyouverymuch. I am the worst. Wife. Ever. Advice? Anything? Anyone? Anyone?
Hope you have a good weekend. I plan on getting back on top of, ahem, everything on this list of failings. 


  1. In the words of Nike: “Just do it!”

  2. Tee hee, I think numbers 2 & 5 could possibly be a ‘two birds with one stone situation’…?!


  3. Good luck! If the post on Monday is just a photo of a smiling Rob we will know that you achieved everything! May the force be with you 🙂

  4. I know what you can get Rob? Some afternoon delight… Haha

    I agree, when my pantry is empty, I feel empty. Probably because I am hungry, haha. Go and overstock it till your hearts content!

    It’s been nearly 4 weeks since Edward was born and already my husband has hinted we should be intimate… *shudder*… Um not quite yet!!!

  5. Love your honesty in all of this.

    For starters, try not to feel too guilty about not getting Rob an anniversary present- you’ve probably give him more ‘good’ presents over the course of the relationship, consider this one an ‘I owe you’.

    Secondly, we hardly ever have food in the pantry either. It’s basically a way of life for us- amazing how much you can exist on ‘I’ll just grab some mince on the way home’ meals 😛

    And finally, go get some something-something! It’ll make YOU feel better and more relaxed too, women tend to think of it as something we ‘do’ for our husbands, but it’s also something we need to do for ourselves.

    Oh, and when you find that lovely 17 year old who can babysit at a moments notice, ask her if she has a sister in Brisbane, please.

  6. I’m SO with you on the post wedding blues. What do we have to live for now?! I hope you get some action soon Betty. My tip – go to bed naked x

  7. What Louise said!!! Actually, combine number 4 with numbers 2 and 5 and voila! I find it incredibly hard to ‘get motivated’ with regard to post-children-special-time. At the end of the day I just want to slob on the couch in my mankiest yoga pants which is not condusive at all. Sigh.

  8. Haha, I was going to suggest combining 2 & 5 too!

    Bare cupboards are anxiety inducing for me! I feel like I need to be stocked up, for what I have no idea, and I have a supermarket 400m away. Crazy really.

    Glad to hear the Paed is happy with Harper!

  9. When I read ‘wifely duties’ I thought you’d gone all Bev on us again… but nooooooo, you just came right out with it a bit later on like a good Beth should.

    Mrs Woog gave you a sex program? That’s hysterical. Do share!

    Frankly, you’ve just gotta start doing it even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing and voila! EVERY TIME you’re glad you just got on with it. Sex is funny like that!! Just do it, baby.


  10. PS – and I’m kinda laughing ‘cos what I should have added above it “it really doesn’t take that long!”

    Around here we’re done in 15 – 20 flat and that includes lighting a few candles and chucking on some musak. x

  11. Dude, pop those kids in front of a spot of ABC kids and get busy. In the day. Crazy I know, but it works. Then you can tick ‘sex’ and ‘anniversary gift’ off the list at the same time. Win-win!

  12. 1. I have no idea what happened w/ Harper so need some catching up to do there.

    2. I’m going to give you advice that my very highly regarded and incredibly well paid psychiatrist told me: if you’re enjoying sex when you have it but the idea of having it is the problem, then you just have to take the spontaneous notion out and schedule it. Seriously. If Chef and I didn’t do this his balls would be the size of Tasmania. It means I ‘just do it’ and he doesn’t Sex Nag. It’s a win win. As my shrink said, if you think anything is going to be spontaneous and romantic with small children around then just forget it. The end.


  13. how can I say anything after kim! I’m laughing too hard at her response.

    despite having 4 children and giving the appearance of being a very fertile couple there is not a lot going in the bedroom but sleep! lots of sleep!


  14. Hah! This made me laugh OUT LOUD! I did think you meant wifely duties to mean of the hanky panky kind, but never mind. Don’t stress lady, you guys are a couple of lovebirds, even if you’re going through a dry spell… the rains will come again ;o)

  15. Not failings, so much as ‘challenges’. As for the sex stuff, it’s amazing if you just do it a few times (even if it is an effort), you actually start to enjoy it again. But spend time together just being yourselves. The rest can work itself out! (And that private pool surely will help, won’t it?) xx

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