Thought train: Jump aboard

: I have lost my blogging mojo this week. Somewhere between Sunday and now, it’s gone. I’ve checked behind the couch, under the bed – nowhere! Bound to happen every now and then and will be back just as quickly as it left. Until then, posts such as this (or heaven forbid none!) will have to do.

: I have also lost my healthy eating and exercise mojo. The birthday soiree, the cake, the left overs, the lolly bags and the lolly bag left overs have proved too tempting. I did however manage to go for my 4km walk/run on Monday night and I got further than I had before without passing out, so that’s something.

: My husband has become addicted to exercise. You know “the zone”? He’s in it. I’ve always wanted to be in, tried to be in it, and yet it never quite lets me in. He is there. Loving it. Owning it. And looking fabulous. He is in a 4 way bet with some mates of his over who can lose the most amount of weight before 30 June, let’s call it Fat Club, or as he likes to call it, from Fat to Cat. The loser has to shout the over 3 a boozy lunch at Catalina’s. Expensive. Boys are funny how they are competitive aren’t they? I am very proud of him and all his ‘shredding’.

: I had 2 extra kids over after Preschool yesterday afternoon. That’s 4 kids under 4 for 2 extra hours. It was messy. It was loud. It was fun. But I am here to tell you I am done with the breeding. Done.

: We mowed our lawns yesterday for the first time in weeks and I never knew how such a simple act could make me happy. I feel back in control. I am happy looking out the window. It’s like I had a really bad assignment that I put off and off and then finally did and I instantly feel great. I also spent a few hours wedding, pruning and fertilising yesterday. I really must do it more than once a month though.

: I got some new jeans in Witchery this morning. They are making me feel happy. They probably should have been a size down but due to point one, they are the regular chubby Beth size. Best bit too is that Witchery kids is coming to the store in March. This little country town is starting to get it all.

: In the supermarket this morning there was an outrageous display of Easter eggs. Really? Already? I know they have been there since January but I would like a few more weeks off. Easter though, without a doubt, is my favourite time of year. The cooler days, longer nights – the change in season is my favourite. I have a feeling it’s going to be extra special down here too. I also noticed that Easter decorations are quite the go now. Who knew? If this happens to be your thing – Bed Bath and Table had some really sweet things in there. Made me think of my Mum, she would love them all.

: If anyone needs me in the next little while, I am going to be sitting on the couch watching cooking shows. I should be doing a million things and yet, not bovvered. Later.


  1. I am with you on the mowing. My mojo has been MIA for the past week, but you’re right, once you mow that grass and actually do stuff, it feels better. I would go with that for now. And the jeans sound wonderful. πŸ™‚

  2. I am with you on the mowing. My mojo has been MIA for the past week, but you’re right, once you mow that grass and actually do stuff, it feels better. I would go with that for now. And the jeans sound wonderful. πŸ™‚

  3. I seem to have misplaced my mojo for life this week too. It’s just not happening for some reason.

    My hubs is being taken to Catalina for dinner tomorrow night. While I stay at home. Alone with two kids. Not. Fair.

    If you find your mojo and happen to see mine with it, can you tell it to get its sorry arse back to me asap? Ta. x

  4. For a chic who has lost her blog mo Jo, you sure filled the page with your thought! Loved it. Mr Woog is addicted to exercise as well. And he is also addicted to gardening. Which is all fine by me.
    Love Mrs Woog

  5. I’m with Mrs Woog – for someone who has lost their mojo, you done good! πŸ˜‰

    Happens, hon. Just write when you’re next inspired too. Soon, I’m sure.

  6. My husband has been rising, before the sun has even cracked the horizon, and has taken to riding extraordinary amounts of kilometres on his bike. Thank god he hasn’t shaved his legs {yet}.

    And damn, if that’s what you call Blogger’s Block, well, I’ll have what you’re having…x

  7. Even if you feel your posts are not up to your usual mojo standard, I think you’ve still got it and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, as I do ALL your posts. I SO don’t believe you’re done with breeding… that is all ;o)

  8. Hi there, just catching up on bloggies. You can’t lose your blogging mojo! I’ve lost mine and I came here looking for some!
    ps. if you’re fitting into Witchery jeans then you are officially skinny. They don’t even make jeans in my SIZE!

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