Those internet crazies

I am almost certain that if I was having a conversation with some of my ‘real life’ friends & family and told them that this weekend I am having 2 friends I have met over the Internet, through my blog, come to stay in my house for a night they would think I had gone mad. That I was crazy. That it was unsafe for the family. And did I mention mad?!

I mean look at us. Crazy! Crazy good looking perhaps.

But that’s what I’m doing. I am having the ever fabulous PPMJ and Corinne come on down here for the night. What was meant to be a long ladies lunch in Sydney became an overnight stay down here when all my Sydney babysitters fell through (as Rob is away on a Bucks this weekend). And I couldn’t be more thrilled with the change. I get to show off my house. We get to drink French champagne from Dan Murphy’s without the price tag we would have had to in a restaurant. We get to walk into town. We get to have a drink at the pub. I get to cook pork belly from the butcher, my scones – and they get to meet the girls. Sounds bloody good to me!

The thing about blogging and the Internet that people who don’t do it don’t get is just how fabulous the people are at the other end of my laptop. Sure there may be crazies out there, and you do get the odd troll (like you do in the real world), but without a doubt the majority of people that you meet are generous. Funny. Warm. Supportive. Friendly. Fabulous. And they have been my saviours over the past (almost 5!!!) years that I have been blogging. And they seem to get me best of all. What makes some real friends and family uncomfortable is ‘normal’ to me. The sharing. The putting it out there. The connecting. Who knows? All I know is that I’m glad I do it. That I met these 2 ladies in real life and all the others I haven’t actually met yet and will get a chance to next month.

Some more crazies. CRAZY cute. The baby that is. The husband is spunky. Hunk o’ spunky.

Hope whatever you have planned for the weekend includes some champagne, some good food, some good company, some laughter and some good conversation. I’m almost certain mine will be!


  1. Love, love, LOVE this Beth!

    I hope you and the gals have a fabulous weekend, have a champers for meeeee x

  2. can I come tooooooo!?!??!?!?!? lol,. have fun, love xx

  3. Oh there is going to be some serious fun had at the MacDonald house this weekend!

    Enjoy every second of the fizz and laughter,

    Felicity x

  4. Yeah, baby! CRAZY!

  5. C.R.A.Z.Y on toast! And look at all your gorgeousness – it’s almost too much to deal with!

  6. You one crazy Mamma! Just kidding. Best idea ever. I’m a big fan of doing and enjoying nice things at home. Parenthood definitely played a part in this attitude. I’d love to see your house and have an olive ball or two. Have a blast and a drink for me. x

  7. I totally get it!
    Since blogging I have met one fabulous lady with whom I share outrageous amounts in common!
    I met her last year ‘in real life’ on my 40th b’day & she was every bit as fabulous in real life as in Blogland.
    Hoorah to you for being brave enough to trust your instincts and take a risk.
    I can safely bet money you are all going to have a FANTABULOUS time!
    I hope for you, like us, it is the start of a lifelong friendship!
    PS. I love your blog…always gorgeous. xx

  8. How exciting, what a weekend you have planned!

    Enjoy every second of it. I love meeting new people too.


  9. Have a wonderful weekend! I don’t think it’s crazy to meet bloggie friends at all. Am sure you will have a most lovely time.

  10. I think the risk mitigation strategy of advertising to the world your upcoming fate is to be admired. It all starts with laughs and giggles over crystal flutes of French champagne. And quickly descends into you being lured into a walk down your rambling street to which point you will be chopped up into a thousand tiny pieces by these internet “friends” and thrown into the nearest dam. And the only good out of it will be that you are likely to be discovered quickly due to the upcoming town yabbie competition which will see many people peering into said dam… And you will be found. And it will all become clear.

    It has been nice knowing you.

    Mr Anonymous

  11. And you’re telling me this to make me insanely jealous that I wasn’t invited. Because it’s all about me, of course. Even when it isn’t.

    I’m not coming over here anymore. I am that kind of person.

    No kiss for you, no way.

  12. PS – and you can tell that PPMJ and that Corine that I’m not kissing them either.

  13. That’s going to be one very fun weekend – can’t wait for the follow up blog!

  14. JEALOUS!

  15. Sounds like a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  16. I *get* it, Beth. Oh, you’ll have such a hoot, you lucky ducks. Make sure you continue to take photos for us once that champagne takes hold ☺.
    J x
    PS Why don’t you even record a little video of the three of you for us – that would be a post to look out for!

  17. Is Rob Mr Anonymous?

  18. I had to do a double take. Is that last photo, an old one of Daisy & Rob or is that Harper?

    Have fun this weekend x

  19. Not jealous at all! xx.

  20. Damn, My Anon has revealed my dastardly plot to all the world!

  21. Oh you crazy person! I tell people all about my ‘blogger friends’ and they think I’m a little nuts too. Kind of like people who hook up over the internet. But it’s just the done thing. Right?

    Have fun meeting more crazies at the ABC. I’m bitter I didn’t get my application in earlier. Next year. I promise! xx

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