Stuff and bits and that and, ah, stupid stuff

: I’m not quite myself this morning, hence the late post. I had a terrible nights sleep last night. Harper woke about 30 mins after I had fallen to sleep last night (isn’t it always the way) and she just couldn’t/wouldn’t go back to sleep. I spent the first hour sitting on the floor of her room shushing her as loudly as I could, each shush and each passing moment making me angrier and angrier. I hate that part of parenting. I hate the way I react to it each and every time – I mean she is a baby for Christ’s sake and yet I blamed her because I wanted to be in bed asleep. In warm bed. I wonder when I will ever work this stuff out and be a more patient, caring mother. I just seem completely incapable between the hours of when I go to bed and say 1am. After that? Fine. Early mornings? Seasoned expert. But 10pm to 1am? Nuh to the Uh. We eventually spent the night together in the spare bedroom until daisy woke me at 4.50am ready to start the day. Even my coffee that I made this morning was bad. Stupid no sleep.

: It would appear that Harper has lost her ability to sleep longer than 40 mins. This is currently doing my head in. Stupid 40 minute sleep cycle. And she also has a new extreme jealousy with her sister whenever she comes near me. They have spent the last 2 days fighting each other, getting agro and cranky because I am the mother to the other. Stupid only one me thing.

: I watched Food Safari last night just before I went to bed. It was on Japanese food {which I adore and crave and miss down here} and if I was hungry before it started, I was a dribbling mess by the end of it. So much so that I drove quite some distance this morning to get me some. Sure it was inferior, bad supermarket food mall sushi, but it did the trick. I gobbled it up like a crazed woman at 10.30 in the morning. Am seriously contemplating driving to Sydney for some Sushi on Stanley medium mixed sushi/sashimi platter. With a side teriyaki chicken roll. Stupid no Southern Highlands Sushi.

: I got some cushions for the couch which I am happy with and the room is now {almost} complete. I am loving our new grown up couch very much. I love having space to lie down and also be on the couch at the same time as Rob. There ain’t nothing stupid about that whole scenario.

: I better go and get the baby who is currently screaming. Of course she is, she has been asleep for 39 mins… Is it wrong that I am already looking forward to bedtime tonight?


  1. I get where you are at Hon. Rafferty woke up every 40minutes all night long for nearly 2 years. sometimes it would take me 5 hours to get him to go back to sleep,..and then 40minutes later he was awake again. then the other 2 would be up at 4:30. it was murder. I was also getting to the stage where it just made me angry,… really really angry. so I got Mike to go to him,….and it worked. after 2 years of battling, I was no longer a blithering mess,..and Rafferty was sleeping. Sure, Mike was exhausted for a couple of weeks,…but sometimes that just has to happen. get Rob to sort it out.

    oh,….and the cushions look FABULOUS!!! The touch of green is perfect! xx

  2. I hope your day improves. I can so relate to the 10pm to 1am thing (except mine lasts until about 4am).

    BTW, I LOVE that arm chair. I so need me one of those.

    Take care, lovely. xx

  3. I think parenting can bring up ALL our own stuff…for all of us. Two really good books that go beyond simple band-aid tips but can help with the deeper issues are; Parenting from the Inside out by Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell and Heart to Heart Parenting by Robin Grille. They will not only help with the difficult stuff of parenting but also help you deal with your own stuff, which for most of us, is the really hard bit.

  4. How can you be grumpy in a room like that!?

    Don’t beat yourself up about the ‘middle of night cranky pants’ gig. I have yet to speak to a mother that handles the constant night waking with grace. We all just sit their silently seething until it’s done.

    We also need to get you the stuff to make your own sushi! I mean, I doubt you’re going to be whipping up sashimi in your neck of the woods, but teriyaki chicken rolls and tuna rolls should be within your grasp! x

  5. Your house is looking SO lovely!

    Hang in there, Harper is probably going through a phase. The heat has really knocked everyone lately too.

  6. We timed my son: 45 to 46 minutes every frigin night for months!! How can they do that?

    We finally tried the crying it out … six weeks later and I felt like I was the one still doing most of the crying, so I gave up. He has never slept well: night terrors, appearing at our bedside, the works, I feel for you every-stinkin-time that you post about a non-sleeping child.

    Hope your day gets better and you get some sleep tonight.

    The new couch and cushions are gorgeous, the wall hangings in that room are really quite fabulous too.

  7. It sounds as though we had the same day!! I mean, obviously slightly different ‘stupid’ things, but the same outcome. You poor bugger. I’d say I hope you and I get more sleep tonight, but let’s be honest – it probably won’t happen! And we’ll get up tomorrow and do it all again…

    May I say how envious I am of your beautiful room? What a gorgeous place to be grumpy in. When I drive past our muddy, empty block of land, waiting for the day the builders will actually start (it’s been 10 months and counting!), I will now envisage your lounge room and sigh…

  8. I hear you. I feel so bad the next day when I have been so angry during the night. If they think the words to “Twinkle Twinkle” go something like “Go to sleep. Fucking fucking fucking hell,” I won’t be surprised.

  9. The room is beautiful Every mum feels like that in the middle of the night, when they feel as though they are the only adult person in the world who is not tucked up in bed. You are only human. Babies go through stages of that cat-napping business. Horrible. But it won’t last. Stay strong. Tonight you will sleep!

  10. Lady, I am loving that room, the couch, the cushions and that cutie patootie babe parked on the floor in front of the tele. I feel for you going through the disrupted sleep. Angus has been in a mind-numbing pattern for weeks now. Anytime from midnight is open season and I’m the little black duck who gets displaced without fail every night. I’m sure it will get better soon, for both of us!

  11. I don’t care if I’ve said it before. I’m saying it again. Love your house.
    That sucks with the sleeping/no sushi but the first will pass. Maybe you need to get into making sushi!
    Yes great cushions!!

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