Small victories

I have to admit to having feeling a little funky the last week. Who knows why? Anyway, it’s boring, I’m hot, blah blah blah. So let’s focus on the positives right? RIGHT!

This morning I jumped on my scales as I have been doing every now and then since we got back from our Christmas holidays and what do you know? Some weight loss. A little each week. The clothes a little looser. The arms a little less flabby. In fact, since we got home on the 5th Jan I have lost 4.4kgs in total. Nice one lady, nice one.

But better than any actual number is the fact that my mind has switched a little. I have managed to make exercise part of my day. I had a thought one day about how I am committed to, and can complete simple chores like vacuuming the house every Monday and each and every Monday I will do it because it makes me happy to have a clean house, and it’s a routine and I like me a routine. Or like when I do washing. I start the process, and I follow through. You will never see baskets of unfolded washing around my house, or piles of clean clothes that need putting away. I follow through until those clean clothes are folded away in their correct drawers. It’s me. It’s a little weird. But I do it and it’s no big deal because it just has to be done. And so I thought if I could do it with those things, why can’t I do it with food? Or exercise? I have shifted the thought to make it “part of” the day because I have to. And my weird little brain seems to have accepted it. And I am actually following through. Who knew?!

And another weird weight thing with my mind? I think of weight loss in terms of 500 gram mince meat packages? Like I said, weirdo. But, I think 500grms is 500 grms. I mean, think of those half kilo mince packets that you get from the supermarket. That’s something right? So even when it’s just a little loss, it’s a half kilo of mince of my legs and waist and that’s something.

As I said, small victories from the mind of a weirdo.


  1. Not weird – fabulous!

  2. I don’t think that’s weird either… can you come and do my washing, I start and it never {ever} finishes!!

  3. That is BRILLIANT lady! That is almost 9 packets of mince you’ve lost. Well done!!!

  4. The 500g meat analogy works for me. I get it! Well done, and quite right it is a mind shift.
    I’m very happy for you, and a little inspired.

  5. Good for you Beth! Good for you x

  6. Great job!! If only I could have the same mindset, we currently have about four baskets of unfolded washing sitting around :S

  7. my washing is calling me as I read (avoid). Wish I had your determination. Always feels so much better when its all away but oh so neverending
    Love the mince meat analogy too

    9 Packets of mince that is awesome

    Hmmmm really need to a) tackle the washing b) tackle the butchers stock I am dragging around with me (mark down on mince in aisle 9)

  8. That 500g of meat comparison is gold – I’ve never thought of it like that before.

  9. Well done you! I am trying to lose weight also & I think of it in terms of 500g tubs of margarine. can’t wait to lose a whole one!
    In all of the photos of my kids, in the background there is a basket of laundry waiting to be folded – until a few years ago when I learned to fold & sort as I took them off the line. I wish I had learned that 20 years ago…

  10. Hello Lady, just wanted to say I love your blog… which I’m sure you already know, I just haven’t commented on an actual post before. Also, you’re the inspiration behind my decision to blog… and actually KEEP blogging! Thank you xo
    Love hearing about your fitness regime, that’s alot of mince to lose in a short time :o)

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