Sit on it

In my search for the cushions for our new lounge In stumbled across these beauties on Etsy from this store. Do you think if I just lay them around the kids will get the picture? Seriously considering…

I mean at only US$89 it’s a lifetime lesson that looks pretty good too I think.


  1. Rushes off to buy. I love it

  2. Boys relate well to words, could work!! Do you plan on putting them on a well positioned centre chair or carry it around with you?? Love Posie

  3. I’ve discovered some cute cushions on Made It. The girl who makes them lives down your way too. I’m sure she could stop by and show you the materials she has for you to choose from.

  4. I would forget cushions and install child-size straps. Just an idea. x

  5. I want the ‘No Whining’ one. Instead of repeating myself 100 times a day I could just point… x

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