Locals night

Every Thursday night at our local pub is locals night. They throw on pizzas. Hold a raffle. And have a chance for people in the Village to have a natter and connect. And we did just that. I think it’s about the happiest I can be when I’m there. True, honest, kind, nice people to talk to. Good food. Good wine. just another reason to be glad to live where we do.

Harps has just started to ‘properly walk’. Well, when she can be bothered to. It’s delightful to watch. A pure joy. 

I love those gals.

And then I got drunk and needed to distract Daisy and so gave Daisy the camera to take some shots.

Um, hello SPUNKY husband!


  1. Oh look at that grown-up walking girl!!

  2. I love your life! I’m so happy that I get to play a walk on role in a couple of weeks!

  3. Oooooh I miss those girls. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday x

  4. Go Harper!

    Also, I cannot wait for things like ‘local night’ when we move to the burbs.

    And I can’t wait for a drop of alcohol too. I’m craving a margerita and mojito at the same time!!

  5. Ha ha, was the flash off, i’ve done that at night, damn, ruined photos. What a great concept, they do this kind of thing, family friendly in Darwin & in the Army, but not with much style. Love Posie

  6. He looks extra spunky when he’s blurry…??

    I think it’s fab that you have such a great pub (it’s pretty much the BEST pub in the world and I have seen many). I think we find true contentment when we slow down and get to know our community. It’s then that we have a variety of people in our lives – all walks of life, ages, nationalities (hopefully, depending on the community!) and preferences. See – stuff that you just don’t get in a big city when you go to the pub with your circle of friends who are really just all exactly like you are!

    Gooooo Harper! x

  7. We have a local. Love it. Have had some of the best nights of my life there….

  8. LOVE Harper’s outfit, she is so beautiful and very clever toddling off on her own two feet like that. There’ll be no stopping that little lady now!

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