Just dance

Nothing really needs to be said does it?

Sometimes I wish I could just go with the flow a little more. Relax. Be in the moment. Enjoy a little more. I have spent all morning rushing around – to Preschool, to the supermarket, to get the weeding and fertilising done while Harper sleeps. Running late, running late for no particular date…


  1. Love it!! 🙂

  2. Wow, miss Daisy has some cool moves!

  3. Play that funky music white gal! She is such a groover lady. You NEED to play that one at her 21st, golden. She put a smile on my stressed out, congested & cold ridden face this afternoon :o)

  4. She’s a gooooood dancer! Yeah little lady! *s*

  5. Ummmm…frickin’ hilarious!!!! She’s been watching some serious Channel V/Video Hits! Get that girl into dance classes tout de suite! Oh, and most definitely save it for her 21st….Love that girl x

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