A Jungle Book

I swear a few weeks ago now Daisy woke up and asked to do some drawing right away. And all of a sudden, she could draw. Like *that*. It was the strangest thing, like something clicked in the night and it worked. Kind of like the fact that she has worked out the not weeing thing at night. It just clicked (except of course now that I have written that down I can expect some wee this eve).

So the kid, she likes to draw. And I, well I like to watch the kid draw. I am amazed that she just has a crack at something and what do you know, it kinda looks like it. It’s pretty amazing being able to watch the brain work stuff out isn’t it?

This will be of no interest to you all I understand, but like all the milestones of my kid’s lives, they are recorded here, and this is just another one along the way.

OK sure, the elephant isn’t great, but it’s a start. And I ask any of you to find a better Emu with her eggs. Go on. Dare you.


  1. I don’t think I could do a much better job myself to be honest – good work Daise xx

  2. Fabulous incorporated. I love the expressions on some of those wee faces too.

  3. They’re brilliant!! I can’t believe she is only 4 and can draw like that, I was impressed that my 3 year old could draw a face! All those animals really look like that!
    I love kids drawings 🙂 You could scan these and make a real little jungle book/wall print out of them.

  4. Ha – they’re brilliant. Daisy is drawing and showing excellent artistic interpretations. I love all of them, especially that Emu! I relate as my four year old son has recently produced ‘real’ drawings. We had a lot of lines, for a long time… they were called fireworks, and I guess were excellent fireworks; but after a million fireworks, you crave some animals and people.
    You’ll have to frame some of these!!

  5. Yes, I love them as well. Well done Daisy!! I need to get wiggle on with my 4 yr boy – just drawing faces and people at the moment.

  6. From an educators perspective I love to see children’s art not only because they are a pure delight in their simplicity but also because it gives us an insight into their development.

    Daisy is a talented artist and her passion for drawing is fantastic.

    Perhaps I could feature two of her pieces in one of my ‘Two For Tuesday’ segments!

    Felicity x

  7. They are fantastic. I can’t wait for some more of that kind of drawing.

    My 3 year old drew faces for a while (last year) then got bored. Now he draws swirlies. Lots of swirlies.

    They are quite pretty, but um, rather the same!

  8. The Emu needs framing. Totally cool Daisy. xo

  9. Awww these are beautiful! You must be brimming with pride lady and so you should be :o)

  10. She’s very clever! Most children her age can’t conceptualise like she is doing. Very well done. x

  11. They are awesome drawings, wow! I love the emu.

  12. Yip – the emu’s definitely the winner for me – awesome pictures!!

  13. They are wonderful! My daughter is almost 4 and still just doing faces and the odd sun and grass. Can’t wait for the breakthrough she can draw other stuff! I’m looking forward to it all ‘clicking’ for her.

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