Isn’t she lovely?

Friday afternoon before I picked up Daisy from School I ducked into my favourite local antique/come what may shop to see if they had my elusive table for behind my sofa that I am currently obsessed with. Seriously I am focused on this imaginary table waaaay too much. It’s thin. It’s for behind my couch. I shall paint her yellow, and she shall be fabulous. But that’s another story…or dream…for another post…

So I ran around the shop, scanning each room and came across this little beauty. I asked the owner who is a lovely Scotsman the price and when he said $20 bucks I couldn’t say “I’ll take it!” fast enough. A lobster? Bring. It. On.

I have visions that this will eventually sit on my dreamy canary yellow table but until then, my sideboard will do. Daisy walks on by past it and presses down the keys each and every time. She can’t resist it, and I can’t blame her…that sound! I also think if I managed to get some ribbon for it, she would work again too.

It’s love. Cheap love. The very best kind of love.

Now just to find that table…


  1. $20!! I love it 🙂

  2. Oh sweet cheap love – food for the soul. She’s beautiful.

    I am chasing an elusive coffee table. Have been for years and years. I know she’s out there somewhere… x

  3. Lobster totally well spent x

  4. Well done! Great buy! xx.

  5. It’s almost embarrassing to admit this, but my dad still uses one of these. Sure, it’s a little less ‘loved’ and has it’s ribbon in it etc… and yep he’s still writing letters with it… Imagine being the recipient of one those!
    Nice buy though lady.

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