If this is the big smoke, I’ll take it

I am completely unimpressed that it’s Monday morning so much so that I am NOT even going to mention it this morning. Not once. Stupid Monday.

We had a busy Saturday leaving home at 7.30am and heading up to Sydney for the day to go to a special family event – a naming day for all of Rob’s brother’s kids. It was held at the ever fabulous Jonahs at Whale Beach. Have you ever been there? If you ever have the chance – do it! Amazing. I have been lucky enough to go there a few times – once for a cheeky weekend away early into my relationship with Rob. He was working hard on some film at the time and I arranged a little surprise night there. It certainly did turn out to be a surprise as a few hours after we arrived {and 2 bottles of French champagne later} we were engaged! I got drunk and asked him to marry me, and he was silly enough to say yes! The rest, they say is history. You see, good does come from drinking champagne. That’s my story and why I always drink it because you never know what good can happen. And we were there for Rob’s brother’s wedding a year or so after. It’s an amazing spot. And Sydney certainly turned on the weather for the event and then the amazing lunch that they hosted for their friends and family afterwards. It was certainly worth the trip up and back the road in the same day.

Saturday night after we went and picked the girls up from my Mum’s place who had looked after them for the day, we hit the road and drove back home. I thought that they would have crashed out before we even hit the M5 but they nattered all the way home. It was the most amazing sunset – it was like our part of the world was really turning it on for us saying Sydney might have all that but look at what we have – cows, paddocks, bush and roads that drive through this most amazing countryside you could ever see. The pinks, the blues, the light was something I will never forget. Ever. It certainly was good to be home.
Yesterday was spent doing all that boring stuff you need to get done on a weekend – washing clothes and cars, mowing lawns, gardening, grocery shopping – a real home day. Harper was in particularly annoying form saying “Marmmmmmma” with a whiny tone, oh let’s say 5 – 5.6 million times. I *almost* lost my shit 3.76 million times in response. In fact, I almost completely entirely went postal. But I didn’t.
So. Monday. Here again. Another quiet, normal week ahead of us with some visitors on the weekend I am looking forward to. A trip to the Farmers and Flea markets on Saturday, my friends Saturday night and then the Annual Yabbie day on Sunday. If it’s a little wrong that I’m looking forward to the weekend  at 7.36am on a Monday morning, I don’t ever want to be right.


  1. Wow, Jonah’s looks incredible! We had the opposite weekend, Saturday was an at home day, cleaning, doing laundry, mowing lawns and washing the car. Yesterday we had a family adventure day, hopped in the car and just drove, best place to be, an air-conditioned car in Sydney’s sticky humidity!

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend since last Monday morning!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Jonah’s but haven’t made it there yet. One day, m’dear, one day.

    Oh, and nothing bad ever comes from drinking Champagne.

  3. Oh my oh my – I think I need to put Jonah’s on my to-do list. And agreed – only good comes from Champagne. Mmmmmmmm.

    Finally – yep, looking forward to this weekend with a passion! x

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  5. Stunning pics of a beautiful spot. Putting it on the bucket list – when I find the bottom. Hope your week flies by. I too am living in next weekend already. Too bad there’s so much to get down between now and then! Happy frickin Monday. 🙂

  6. Jonah’s is indeed in a beautiful location. How lovely to be able to afford to go there – or to hold a soiree there. Wow!

  7. Jonah’s IS amazing isn’t it!

    I’d love a champers right now… Only a few more weeks till I can induldge again 😉


  8. Jonah’s is such a special place. I would like to stay there one weekend in my near future! x

  9. Now THAT is my kind of engagement story! You’re so cool 😉

  10. Aren’t those little white birdies just da bomb?! Gorgeous! That first pic is heavenly, I have never been to Jonah’s, but by crikey I’m making a point to get myself up there toot sweet!

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