Oh my word. Daisy turned 4 today. Well not quite yet, we have to wait until 8.42pm this evening, but this morning will do. Four.

A post won’t do enough. Won’t say enough. Won’t share enough. They never do when you look back over a whole year of some one’s life. But it’s something. And seeing as each and every day I come on here and say something, I better do just that. So here’s a little something for Daisy May. My 4 year old daughter.

My what a year can do for a gal…look at you on your 3rd birthday.

The third year of your life has been the biggest. No doubt. The one filled with the hardest times for you. For us. And the best times. You had to struggle with being a big sister. With sharing, and playing and waiting all for that little lady who adores you. You had to struggle with a stressed out Mama who had to go back to work, who had to look after a baby who was sick more times than any baby should be. You sat back, watched, soaked it all up and waited. For something to change. Because you knew it had to right?

Sure, you let it be known when things were too much. Your night terrors, your tantrums, your terrible drop off’s to daycare each and every single day. I won’t ever forget half way through last year when your Dad and I trotted off to see a child psychologist about you. You! Your behaviour. My inability to cope with everything. And we sat there nervously watching what you would say or do. And you had to pick out from a box of toy animals your family. You chose a 2 headed dinosaur for Dad, an elephant for me {thanks kid} and a baby rhino for Harper. “That’s one big, loud family Daisy” the Doctor said. And we were. Loud. Angry. Cranky. It took a 3.5 year old to show us that things had to change.

And they have. We packed up and moved away and I have never been prouder than to see you grow the way you have. To see you flourish and shine in the space. In the country. Make friends with strangers. Cope with a new Preschool. With new everythings. It’s the one thing that has made my heart soar and sing, I just have to look at you, at your sister, and know that this is the right thing we have done. The best thing we could have ever done.

I look at you sometimes, lately, and shake my head. You are all arms and long, skinny legs with bruises and cuts and grazes. Your short hair, your amazing ability to talk, about everything and anything for the longest time, your drawing and writing. I still can’t believe that we made you. This beautiful young girl who will be the most amazing woman. Despite all my good luck – my beautiful husband, my home, my good fortune at not having to work, at living here where we do – my greatest moments of “how did I get so lucky?” come when I look at you. At your sister. My beautiful girls.

I just know this next year is going to be good. Filled with all kinds of good. Learning. Exploring. Making new friends. Growing. Starting big school. I just about can’t wait to see all of it. And I just about couldn’t be any prouder of you. Thank you Daisy for all you have given me this year. Looking at myself, seeing the changes that we needed to make, and making them. We wouldn’t have done them without you. And I hope that if you had to pick out a family now it looks a little different.

Happy Birthday beautiful. Happy Birthday. To you.


  1. That brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. And I’m not a cryer.

    Happy birthday, Daisy! And to you Beth, because in a lot of ways it’s your birthday too. xx

  2. Just shed some birthday tears too – beautiful.

    Happy birthday gorgeous Daisy xx

  3. What a lovely birthday post, so many things have changed for you all and it certainly sounds like the right decision all round. Happy Birthday Daisy!

  4. Oh, so beautiful Beth. Happy Birthday to a girl who makes her parents heart swell with pride and SO much love. It goes much too fast. xx

  5. You cut her hair? Haha.

    Happy Birthday Daisy! 4 is the year of becoming a great helper, so I’ve heard…


  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous post – and Mum.
    Happy birthday to Daisy. Hope it’s a beauty. You babes have so much to teach us. Congratulations on an amazing year. 🙂

  7. What a beautiful post to your gorgeous daughter. She will treasure those words later in life.
    congratulations to you and your birthday girl!

  8. Four is a wonderful age! Enjoy.

  9. AW! So beautifully written! Happy Birthday, Daisy! x

  10. OMG Beth, I felt your love in that post… it made me cry! You are such a wonderful mother, Im sure that Daisy will look back in years to come and read this post thinking the same thing. Sending you all lots of love on such a special day xxoo
    Happy Birthday Daisy!

  11. Um. Please STOP it! I’ve teared up, hormones raging today. Sick kids. Gloomy weather. But such a beautiful post. Daisy will cherish reading this (and all the others) one day. Congratulations to you too Mama, for knocking back 4 long years of motherhood xo

  12. Oh, how Daisy will love to read this when she’s older. What a gorgeous post, written by a mummy full of so much love and pride. Happy birthday, Daisy. Here’s to a happy fifth year!!

  13. Simple beautiful! And I love the heart-centred, simplicity of her birthday which seems to be all about her as opposed to so many over-the-top kids parties complete with designer invites etc which seem to be far more about the mums impressing each other! She will love reading this one day.

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