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So. How did it go? The catch up? Well, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

There was champagne. 3 sweet, delicious, fabulous bottles of the stuff.

There was the most picture perfect afternoon with some scones and then a cheeky trip up to the pub for a drink.

There was some pork belly which almost broke my spirit. I, in fact, managed to finish my enormous serving when Corinne and Linda could not. That’s just how I roll. Greedy when it comes to the pork.

You will also see that at dinner I was the only one to move onto the wine. Greedy too it seems, when it comes to the champagne.

There was chatting. Laughing. Chatting and eventually sleep. Then we managed some more pork (hello bacon & eggs) some coffee and more chatting.

What a lovely catch up with some top birds. It was lovely to have time to spend in person where the conversations could be finished in more than just a comment, or an email. The gals were particularly kind with my girls who also needed plenty of attention, so thanks for taking the time to chat and play with them so I could get their dinner, bath or something done. I tell you solo parenting is not something I am good at.

So. One word? Blogger catch ups = FABULOUS.


  1. Super-fabulous xxx

  2. Thank you for posting this I had wondered how it all went and your images pretty much match my imaginings.

    I love the three girls in the final photo – a bit like you three really, full of bubbles & fizz wrapped up in gorgeous packaging, with a touch of class.

    xxx Felicity

  3. Good to see you were drinking the good stuff. Your dinner looks as good as Corinne’s boobs in that first shot! Pick me next xo

  4. Looks fantastic!!!

    Glad you all had a super weekend.


  5. Ah, brilliant. The post I’ve been waiting for. I’m so pleased you all had such a fab time. Yes, being able to finish a sentence, let alone a conversation, is so precious when you have children. J x

  6. Bev.Bev.Bev. That pork belly looks divine. Think you need to share your recipe (please????) is that green beans on the side? And piper? And ms.cliquot?? Stop. It.

    Glad you had a fab meet up!

  7. Marvellous, but I am just gutted that you had to share that pork belly. Such a shame. x

  8. PS please tell me more about those dining chairs??? Are they timber with black frame legs or the silver Eiffel ones?

  9. Fabulous indeed!

    Your gurls are so gorgeous they were easy to talk to and play with.

    What the hell is going on with my boobs?

    Thanks so much for being an incredible hostess. xx

  10. Looks like a perfect evening with perfect company!

  11. Peta! I NEED your email address so I can get the details to you re: chairs etc…but here is the pork belly recipe as given to me by PPMJ:

    1.2kg pork belly, skin scored with a sharp knife at 1cm intervals
    (ask your butcher to do this for you)
    6 granny smith apples, washed, cut into 8 wedges and cored
    6 sprigs of thyme
    olive oil,

    Preheat oven to 230 degrees celcius.

    Lightly grease the bottom of a baking tray with olive oil. Place
    apple wedges on the base of the tray to form a ‘trivet’ to cook your
    pork on. Sprinkle the sprigs of thyme over the apples. Season the
    underside (meat side) of the pork with a little salt to taste. Turn
    the pork over and dry the skin with a paper towel. Pour over a little
    olive oil and massage into the skin. Now season the skin liberally
    with a good quality salt.

    Place the pork belly, skin side up, on the apples. Try to completely
    cover the apples as any exposed apples will burn. Pour in enough
    water to cover the apples, but not reach the pork belly.

    Place the pork in the oven and immediately turn the heat down to the
    minimum temperature. Cook slowly for three hours, checking to make
    sure the water hasn’t evaporated and topping it up if it does.

    Then, turn the heat up to 230 degrees, move the pork to a high rack
    in the oven and blast it for around 15 minutes or until the crackling
    starts bubbling and looking crisp. You might need to turn the tray to
    evenly brown the pork crackle.

    Remove from oven and let rest for 10 – 15 minutes before slicing into
    thick, 2.5cm slices. Serve with the caramelised apples, which will be
    golden, sauce-like and delicious. Creamy mashed potato works well
    with this dish, and you’ll need some greens alongside it too – wilted
    baby spinach works well.

    You can substitute white wine for the water in the oven tray. Remove
    the pork to rest, take the apples out and put them in a bowl, then
    put the oven tray on a hot plate, add a little chicken stock, stir
    and simmer till your sauce becomes a thin, gravy-like consistency.

    Try using a bed of pears or rhubarb instead of apples.

  12. Looks delightful! YOU my friend are THE hostess with the mostess! Love the pics.

  13. Thanks Beth! I have emailed you.

  14. Bloggers are the BEST form of company 🙂

  15. BEV! (giggles) looks like you had a fabulous time, food looked great. That little donkey/horse is so cute!


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