Couchy couchy coo

I’m just not sure. I’m almost positive that it’s not quite right and the ones with the red in it need to go. Whilst they look great here, up close, when you pan back and see what else is going on in the room, well it’s just not quite there. Maybe they can go somewhere else? I am loving the Missoni inspired zig zaggy ones though. I do need some green to compliment a few paintings in the room. I’m not sure where my green cushions are. I’m not quite sure how cushions have taken over a lot of my spare time. And I know that this is the most trivial of posts given what is going on in Qld at the moment.

But it’s a start. And it’s a post. And today, it will do.


  1. get over to table tonic and pick up some of those lovely turquoise zig-zaggy ones! and maybe a vibrant yellow thrown in for good measure! xx

  2. Oooh, lovely! And I think you need cushions to complement your mood/season.

  3. I love the red ones!

  4. Love them! I think they look great. Like the idea of a yellow throw too.

    Thought I’d better check out/follow everyone who is attending the AusBlogCon. Pop over to bigwords if you get a moment x

  5. Gorgeous. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with visiting a store on regular occasions to change/swap cushions. Until you get it right. And it’s nice to focus on some light relief with all the yucky stuff going on in Qld. Geez, they’ve had a rough run. xx

  6. Do keep the red/grey patterned ones! They work great with your light walls/dark furniture and help to balance the color value in your room. [at least from what can be seen in your pics] Reassign the green pillow someplace else. It just dissolves away against the sofa. If you feel you must compliment your artwork [you really don’t] do it via accessories and organic elements [plants] rather than focusing exclusively on fabric. Good luck!

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