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Dudes! 40 something days to the wedding! {My little sister’s wedding just in case you have forgotten or are new around these parts}. We are well and truly on the countdown and am just quietly excited about the whole thing. All of it.

Thought you might like a wee update on it all? Perhaps? Perhaps not. In any case, here it is..

I am hosting a small Hen’s soiree here at my home for 15 of her closet friends in a few weeks time. Because I have such a big, beautiful, grown up home these days I thought it my duty to host something here. Whilst I can’t give away too many details as the Bride most certainly reads this as do many of the 15 that will be coming, I will say that the order of events looks like this:

: Light lunch at the local {and best pub in the world}
: High Tea back at home. Think cucumber sandwiches, champagne, little cakes
: Formal dinner at home (I am having a chef come in and cook us a 3 course dinner) followed by much dancing and silliness
: Recovery breakfast at local General Store Cafe following morning.

Take at look at the fancy schmancy invitations I had made. Pretty no? I got these pretties done online (tweaked a wedding invitation) and they cost almost next to nothing. Excuse the bad photo…

Then we have a few more little events before we head down to the south coast for the main event on the 26th March which incidentally is our wedding anniversary! Roberto and I shall be celebrating our 6 years of married life on the same day. As you know, I have the frock and the tuck shop arms are getting a wee bit less tuck shoppy. It’s all coming together!

I had an old school mate of mine email me this week asking for some advice for inspiration/ideas to do for her country wedding that is coming up in May. Boy did I realise just how much information about all this stuff I have stored in my brain! Thought I might share some of my ideas with you all. Honestly, the interwebs is the place to go for anything to do with weddings. The blogs! OH MY STARS THE BLOGS! Those yankees sure can do a wedding! They style it well, they photograph it well. It’s all just so crisp. And for a country wedding? Ideal. Parfait.

Ok where to start? Here:

I then headed her over to The Happy Home blog because I remember Belinda’s sister got married about this time last year and she had some great hints and tips that I forwarded onto my little sis.

Then I dumped out a whole list of the best blogs that my sis and I have come across in our foray into this pretty world:

Then I shot out a few posts I had seen that are ALL the go with weddings at the mo. Pom poms, and carnation cones. Delightful. Cheap. Fun. Pretty, let’s not forget the pretty.
Carnation link:

Pom-poms links:

Doily lanterns link:

It’s quite the business is it not?! I shall miss trawling these blogs for idea and marvelling at how creative people are. How much time, energy and money they put into them. And how fabulous some of these photographers are.

So. 7 or so weeks to get rid of a few more packets of mince of the thighs. I can’t wait to share some shots of the Hen’s weekend when it comes around in a few weeks, and then again on the big day at the end of March.


  1. Squeeeeeaaaaal. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

  2. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! Can’t bloody wait. xx

  3. Those invitations are divine! It sounds like my kinda weekend, you’ve done good

  4. You are quite possibly the coolest sis I have ever heard of. What a delightful line up you have planned for the hen’s. Look forward to reading about the shenanigan’s at a later date :o)

  5. Thankyou x a million for this post. That is exactly the list (of top wedding blogs/websites) I needed today! Had most of those in my favourites on the old computer which died a sad death, the new computer is yet to meet half of those sites. So again, thankyou!


    P.S. LOVE the invites – what a great sister you are!

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