You say tomato, I say parento

A few months ago now I was picking up a few pots at the local nursery with Daisy when she spotted a tomato plant and begged me to buy it for her. I had promised her a veggie garden when we moved to the country and 4 months on, the dream is still that, a dream. But we will get there. Soon enough.

Anyway, I agreed to get the little plant at the time and hoped she would forget about it. It has sat, unplanted, in a wee pot on the edge of our garden bed since that time and when Daisy remembers she waters it, I have occasionally done so too, but it’s been mostly left to do it’s own thing. I was sure when we got back from our 2 week holiday over Christmas that it would be dead but alas no – there it was sprouting one single, solitary cherry tomato. Weeks later, again I thought it would die, but slowly each day it has been getting red.

But take a look at it. It’s officially the saddest tomato plant that ever there was. We are nearly there, and I think when we finally pick it in the next few days, the poor plant will just shrivel up and die. Work done.  Time to move on.

I was looking at the sad state this morning and pondered that the plant is just like a parent. You put everything you have into your fruit kids, so that they can be the best tomato people they can be and sometimes there is just nothing left.

Today I am feeling a little like that tree. Tired. Sucked of energy. Wondering what else I have to offer besides being a Mum. And in need of a little time away from my tomatoes kids. Which is funny because I have actually had some time away from Daisy who started school yesterday, and my Ma came down and visited and spent a lot of time with the baby…? Who knows – the break in the middle of the week perhaps? But…Bring on the weekend I say!


  1. oh dear! poor little plant… pick the fruit and squeeze the seeds out onto wet paper towel,. growing some new tomato plants is a good start, no? pjx

  2. Oh. Dear. I agree with Plain Jane – start again with the tomatoes (much as you have to every now and then with parenting).

  3. Well I’d say that plant is a more like a trooper (much like parents). When the going gets tough, and there’s not much excitement, it still manages to produce a perfect ripe tomato (child). Good on it I say!

  4. I am impressed with the tomato plant’s tenacity. A gorgeous little cherry tom despite its obvious ill health. Your gardening skills mirror my own 🙁

    I hope you are not feeling as badly as that plant is? That really would be terrible! The weekend is upon us. Keep plodding…

  5. It’s a very valiant little plant. *s*

  6. Haha, poor little tomato. I’ve heard they are hard to grow.

    This has worried me a little, since I’m planning on starting an *amazing* veggie garden at my new house.

    *Amazing in my mind… Could be an absolute failure though, haha*

  7. Sometimes a little break from our fruit / kids makes us crave a bigger, better break! It’s just the way it is.

    Rest assured that I think you are MUCH better with kids than fruit. x

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