Words are just that

I have no cohesive blog post this morning. No funny insights into the kids or life down here. No photos of my beautiful girls. Or my amazing house or garden. Just some words.

I have such a heavy heart this morning. There seems so much tragedy about. So much loss. And sadness. It’s everywhere I look on the TV on the web.

The images of these floods. The sheer force of nature in action. The loss of lives. It’s a terrible thing.

One of my fellow bloggers Lori lost her husband yesterday. The sentence is hard to write, I cannot possibly imagine what it actually means. I read her blog post this morning and just felt sick. She is living my very worst nightmare. Life as a mother. Alone. Raising her 2 young kids. Alone. While she has so many friends and family members and virtual strangers through the blogging community ready to hold her up along the way it’s hard not to think of the reality of the situation. The 3am dealing with the kids with sickness, no sleeping – whatever on your own. My very worst nightmare.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lori at a blog catch up last year and while we didn’t really speak for long – her outgoing bubbly nature stays with me. Her smile. Her sense of humour. She has 2 kids – a 3yro and a 1yro. Just like me. I just feel for her. For what she has had to endure the past few days and the very long journey that she has ahead of her. It’s too overwhelming to contemplate. I can’t fathom how it would feel to be in it.

But my words aren’t going to help her. If you wanted to donate you can do so here through Paypal. Her husband was the main breadwinner in the family and if there is one less thing she needs to think about through all this mess, then I think that’s a good thing. I have been amazed at how the blogging community has gotten behind one “of our own” in a time when they needed it the most. And not just with words of support – with action – real action. Meals. Money. Support. While we blog to share our dreams and frustrations I know that I blog because it makes me feel a part of something. When I am at home stuck with 2 kids alone and I need a laugh I can reach out to this “community” and get some contact right back. I feel proud to be a part of this all today. And I am ready to be there for Lori if she ever needed it. In any way I can.

Even if it’s just words.


  1. I’m feeling exactly the same today.

    Sad, yet proud of how the community if looking after each other.

  2. Ditto for me. And I’m so proud of our online community. We’re pretty good neighbours really. xx

  3. beautifully written. I’ve never met Lori but just feel so sad and donating made me feel like I could do something.


  4. Beth i have just had tears rolling down my eyes as i have been listening to the QLD Premier giving a news flash and update on the overnight events of the floods. The pictures are unbelievable and my heart goes out to all those families that are affected including your friend Lori x

  5. You said it so eloquently. Lori is suffering through a tragedy of unimaginable size. My heart goes out to her and her family right now. Watching the tv news of the floods in Queensland is wrenching. I cannot believe how cruel this country can be sometimes.

  6. oh. I can’t go there.

    The shock of it. That poor woman.

  7. I read this on Tuesday and am back courtesy of FYBF. I was feeling too heavy to comment then. Now I can say – I know exactly how you feel.

  8. My worst nightmare too, Beth.

    I know our community can not bring Lori’s beloved back but I hope our strength and love can help guide her during the hard times.

    It has been a terrible week all around x

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