Weekend (& morning) by numbers

Trips to Sydney: 1

Panadol, nurofen and antibiotics taken to stop sore throat: 10-15 (in total)
Disney concerts attended: 1
Glasses of wine consumed Friday night: 5 maybe 6
Hours spent shopping for bridesmaid frock: 7.5
Potential bridesmaid frocks tried on: 13
Bridesmaid frocks purchased: 1
40th Birthday parties attended: 1
Glasses of wine & Prosecco consumed at said party: 10 or so, perhaps more…
Number of panadol taken to stop headache: 2
Trips back home: 1
Lawns mowed & trimmed: 1 very large lawn
Time to bed Sunday night: 6.40pm (and I am not even kidding)
Hours spent sleeping: 12
Rooms/areas vacuumed: 8
Floors mopped: 2
Trips to supermarket: 1
Flowers cut & added into vases: 5
Short, pathetic blog posts completed: 1
Idea originally seen & adapted from on one of my all time favourite blogs Rude Cactus


  1. Did you say you purchased your bridesmaid FROCK??? Can’t wait to see it xx

  2. Number of comments on funny post: 2 (so far)
    Great post!!

  3. Yay you found a frock. Pictures, please!! x

  4. Succint. I think I’m liking posts by numbers.
    Comments – 4

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