A walk. A waterfall.

On the weekend in between some late summery thunder storms we managed to get out for an hour to the most amazingly beautiful place just 15 mins from our house. Lucky? Why yes, yes we are.

Daisy was beside herself with a little bush walk. We were completely inappropriately dressed for the occasion – Daisy in sandals, Rob in thongs and we in sequined ballet flats! Outdoorsy people, we are not.

The sun was creeping out from behind the dark clouds and everything glistened from the rain. It was sparkling, clean, fresh and when the clouds moved away in the valley below it just about the prettiest thing I have seen in some time.

Then we walked a little further down a track and saw these falls! Beautiful.

So far this year on our {semi} fitness/weight loss kick I have been making a real effort to get outdoors. Particularly while we can because soon enough it’s going to be cold, really cold and we will be indoors. A lot. Last night I went for a run {well a walk/run} and it was just so beautiful. The trees. The wind. The mist. The birds. The butterflies. The cows. It sure is easier than going for a run down Parramatta Rd and then around Camperdown oval.

Let’s just hope I can stick with it for a few more weeks. So far I haven’t lost all that mush “weight”, honestly I think our scales are wrong – they just have to be right? But I know that I feel firmer. I know that clothes seem a little looser and that’s the main thing.


  1. Wow! Gorgeous pics of breathtaking scenery. Postcard stuff – if anybody still uses postcards?
    Thank you for a beautiful start to my day! 🙂

  2. How lucky to have somewhere so beautiful to escape to!

  3. Firmer is great. Good for you. I walk everyday: my house is often untidy, the dishes are often waiting for me on the sink, but I always walk. If I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand being a stay at home mum. Its therapy. I need that 30 mins to myself or I would go all Sylvia Plath (well, not really but I would probably bake myself to death by consuming too many cookies, cakes, etc)

  4. Simply gooooooooorgeous!

    Also, muscle weighs more than fat (I told you to throw those scales out!) x

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