Turn around Brighteyes

Instead of
: sitting here watching the horror of the floods over and over and wondering what on earth I would do in that situation
I am
: making a donation here because I think that might help. Even in some little way

Instead of
: wondering what on earth I am going to do with the kids stuck inside with rain for ONE MORE FLIPPING DAY
I am
: putting on my old favourite Swoon CD and doing some colouring in. It calms down all of us here
Instead of
: thinking about how far away my Mum feels when all I really want to do is drop the kids off and have some space…just for a few hours
I am
: thinking about the fabulous impromptu cocktail hour we had at the neighbours house yesterday afternoon/evening (after Daisy had spent a few hours over there). Between the 4 of us we drank a bottle of vodka! Drank many mojitos using the fresh mint out of their garden and giggled the time away while all the kids played together. This morning Daisy’s best friend trotted back over the fence to play (good for me as all kids are distracted) and along with her came 2 bags full of fresh produce from their garden
Instead of
: looking at all the flabby bits all over my body and hopping on the scales (again) to see that I have not lost any weight even though I have been trying so hard
I am
: focusing on the bits that actually seem to be a little less flabby after the exercise I have been doing. There really are bits that are firmer. The tummy is a little less sticking out
Instead of
: freaking out about Harper screaming (again) for an hour last night and wondering what the hell is going on and how long this is going to go on for
I am
: freaking out about Harper screaming (again) for an hour last night and wondering what the hell is going on and how long this is going to go on for. Some old habits never die and this parenting freak out never changes
Instead of
: fretting over the fact that it’s raining (again) and the washing pile is growing (again)
I am
: glad to have an excuse not to wash for another day
Instead of
: thinking that’s just a boring agapanthus
I am
: thinking just how beautiful a boring old agapanthus can be


  1. Great spin on positivity & your little part of the world. There are lots of fundraising auctions & raffles to support too, mine are live, many more to come by Monday through Make it Perfect. Our way of feeling less helpless. Love Posie

  2. A good way to look at the positive in everything. I brought a single white agapanthus in from our garden for the first time this week too and it is really one of the loveliest ‘displays’ of flowers to enjoy. Hope you sort out the cause of your little one’s waking – I sympathise after my daughter waking several times lately too which I’m putting down to teething…

  3. How fab do your neighrbours sound? I want those neighbours! Mine just call the police because our tree drops leaves in their yard.

  4. Brilliant and you’ve given me a little gift of serendipity.
    I was thrilled to see the stitched Eiffel Tower behind the Aggy in your last photo as I’m looking for a crafty thing to make to start the year.
    Is it something that you bought or [please God] do you have the pattern?

    x Felicity

  5. What a great way to look at the world today…

  6. I think we all need this reminder from time to time. Thank you

  7. Clever you.

    How cool that you have those neighbours! You are an old hand at this country life already. x

  8. Lovely post. Perspective is everything.

  9. So gorgeous. And a great positive spin what’s happening. You could almost be playing the glad game. I’m sorry to hear that you had another screaming episode. Oh, what to do? Hugs. xx

  10. I know how you feel Beth, it’s hard at the moment, but you have to always find the bright side of life.

    Your neighbours sound amazing. I’d love the fresh produce right about now!

    Abi is waking up early this week, because Daddy is away. I’m feeling your pain too!

  11. Thank you for this – sometimes we all need to take a step back and get a better perspective on our situations, and you have given me a timely reminder to do just that.
    PS Love your blog and read it regularly but have never commented!

  12. Wow! Wonderful post – who the hell knew aggies could be so stylish? XO

  13. I kinda think agapanthus look like fairy wands. Or fire works. Great perspective on a shit week.
    Am a new follower. Thanks for having me, Bev.

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