Daisy and I have long battled over her hair. She wants it long like a “princess” yet refuses to get it washed, let alone brushed. We fight each and every day over getting it pulled back, and some days I just don’t have the energy or strength in me so it goes un brushed, unwashed…again. Other days I stubbornly choose to fight her in the battle which inevitably leads to tears (for both of us). I have no doubts that I was the same at her age, and now why exactly I had pixie short hair at the time – I think my mother went at me with scissors in a moment of frustration…or something. It’s OK Mum, I don’t blame you…
When we were on holidays with all the cousins Daisy was quite taken with her older cousin Mia’s new do. It was a short bob. It was fabulous. And every one kept telling her so. So yesterday we had a request for hair just like Mia’s. And I obliged. AND I got to wash it beforehand as well! Surely this will be easier to brush now right? Never mind the rough edges…I found the whole process quite stressful and hot. A hairdresser I am not. But the end result is not bad no? 
Oh yes, apparently my daughter is now 8.


  1. Hang in there, like all things, they suddenly surprise you & no longer resist!! I had 3 girls in a row & i’m sure those twins watched the battles i had with their big sister & thought, well, mum always wins, so they never resisted me brushing their hair, in fact, they loved the pampering factor. I must admit, i did let out a little “i’ll never have to do his hair” to my obstetrician when i delivered a boy!! Spray conditioner got me through many of those horrible early days of parenting a daughter with thick hair which she loathed having brushed. You know what, it was good thigh blasting as i jammed her in there & held her still. Small mercy, she never pulled it out once it was done, love Posie

  2. Is that second photo a 3 year old model/blue steel pose? She cracks me up! Very cute togs I might add…

  3. At least you are allowed to put clips in! The Minx is a terror. She now has a short bob with a fringe… pick your battles I say!

  4. “I love your hair Daisy. Now we can be sisters!”

    Love Mia

  5. The *only* thing that has worked for me in the ‘hair brushing’ department has been the horribly expensive investment in a small mason pearson hairbrush. I’m not kidding…very expensive…but sooo worth it (no more fights!)

  6. You did the trimming yourself!? I knew you were brave, but this is positively heroic!! It looks terrific.

    I have my morning torture session with Cappers. I feel cruel and heartless and bloody frustrated, but she won’t let me cut it and I would feel even more torturous if I did it against her will. If she’s happy to fight daily to keep it then gloves on, sister, I say. x

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair – she looks so grown up. Great work Betty. x

  8. I like it! I’ve been battling with my just turned 4 yr old over the same thing. “It’s knotty because we haven’t brushed it. We need to brush it so it doesn’t get knotty.” To no avail. Anyway, she’s now sporting a SHORT bob after taking the scissors to her hair during a cutting and pasting activity this week. I cut it into a bob to rectify the chops and had it “fixed up” by a hairdresser today. Our kids look the same. Cheeky and a bit more grown up. x

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