This post is for my mother

I’m sorry, this will only interest my mother. You see she bought me a tree when Daisy was born that we planted in May 2007 up at the farm. It’s become a little tradition between Rob and his brother to plant trees when they have kids up at the farm so we can see them grow as the kids well, grow. I love seeing the progress of her tree with each visit – sometimes I manage a shot with her in front of it, sometimes now.

This was Daisy at Easter in 2009. It was a teeny weeny thing (it’s official name is a Tropical Birch) when we planted it and I am amazed to see it grow the way it does.

And this is it now. Taller than all of us shooting up into the sky!

A little like some one else I know…


  1. What a beautiful idea and what a gorgeous tree!

  2. It is growing beautifully, just like little Daisy. Awwww. My M&D planted a daisy bush when my brother was born. Still flowers every year. It is a wonderful extension of him.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Love your tree (and Daisy). xx

  4. It’s not just your mum that found that post interesting, Beth. See MultipleMum for the exact comment I was going to leave. x

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