Think I should take the hint?

This week marks the official start of “stop being a fat mole and making excuses and get your fat arse into gear because you are a bridesmaid in less than 3 months time fatty”. You didn’t know? Shame on you.

Anyway. I am geared with bad exercise DVD’s, a new sports bra and a slightly higher than ho-hum attitude about it all so I figured…let’s go! I needed to get some 2kg dumb bells for my arms. My fatty, hanging down arms that will NOT show me off to be the maid I was born to be. So they have to be addressed. I asked Rob to pick me up some when he was out and about getting all the bits he needed for HIS latest weight loss obsession. And you know what he came back with?

This. Shake Weight. Do you think he is after anything other than sculpted arms on me?


  1. Haha Shane wanted to get me one – he said ‘it was good to practice’ whilst he was away….I promptly told hime to *&^% *&!@. But let me know if it helps the arms & I may get one too 🙂

  2. Oh I love it. I saw the ad for it and was in hysterics. Chris seemed to think it was a good idea also when we saw it in Big W the other day

  3. Ha! I saw it a while back on the Ellen de Generes show. Have a look at this! Cringe!

  4. That is simultaneously the most hilarious and stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

    I reckon i laughed a few kilos off…

  5. O.M.G! Like Ellen, I have no words.

    How are you going to use this without giggling your head off? (Oh, and thanks for following, I was starting to feel a bit like a blog stalker!) xx

  6. Funny! I was drinking a choc shake from McDonald’s while reading this. Aw!

  7. Good grief!! I’m always, shall we say, sceptical of any of the ‘something for nothing’ type exercise gear – you’ll have to let us know how it goes!!
    Good luck 🙂

  8. That IS funny! at least it will have you laughing while you work out LOL

  9. Gooooooooo Beth! x

  10. Please tell me you laughed hysterically! So wrong, so funny! *s* Oh and also good luck with the exermacise – its so hard getting motivated to begin with!

  11. You go for it, after you lose the first few kilos & your jeans are loose straight from the wash you get even more motivated!! Love Posie

  12. Have fun with the free dvds too! The laughing as you use it will make the 6 minutes go oh so fast!

  13. that shake weight is funny. I had 10kgs to lose and have lost 2.5kgs since new years and have 2 words for you – ok no 3….meal replacement bars. I had to go out and buy new trainers, leggings, bras, even sport socks as it had been over 3 years since I had done a minute of exercise. Last night I did 1/2 hour on the wii fit and it kept saying my results were couch potatoe so I’m visiting a gym on wednesday! sigh………..

    good luck!

  14. When some people gain weight they say it goes to their waist, or thighs, or butt, on me…it goes to the arms…first to plump and last to go lean…

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