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: It’s hot round these parts at the moment. As in over 35 in the day and around 33 in the shade of our verandah. That’s about 15 degrees hotter than I would like it to be. Last night was not a good nights sleep. Daisy was in and out of our bed from about 3am as she was hot. Had bad dreams of bears and sharks. And was being bitten my mosquito’s. When there was a mozzie buzzing around my face at 5.55am, a toddler kicking my back and it was hot, I decided to just get up. I think it’s going to be like this all week. Urgh.

: I put Rob’s iphone through the wash yesterday. I know. What an idiot. Mostly me, not him. I had spent all morning cleaning the house and after I had finished there were clothes on the floor so I grabbed them – checked all the pockets of everything except the shorts which had the phone in them and in they went. He revealed the location of the phone to me 5 minutes into the 30 min cycle. And because we have a front loader it could not be opened. It was not a fun 25 minute wait. And less fun to discover what I had done. Bugger. Anyway, moving on…he has clean shorts right?!

: I have a busy day ahead of me. Blood tests this morning at 8.30 and I am on a 12 hour fast which just makes you hungry doesn’t it? Then off to a morning tea at swim at a little lady from Daisy’s preschool then a hair appointment. All before 12. And it’s hot. And I can’t even have a coffee to prepare myself. I even have to start baking something in the next 15 minutes. It’s not even 7am. Hold me.

: These pretties are sitting above the toilet in the bathroom and are making me happy. The roses just keep on flowering. Much like me really.

: The new couch arrived and is fabulous. And full of spring. And space. But I can’t bring myself to take a snap of it because it doesn’t have any cushions yet and I want it to be just so and pretty like before I do the reveal. And I feel like I may have to get a new rug too because the one we has just isn’t quite right. Now just to source the best cushions & rug….preferably online….ideas can be left in the comment section below. Thankyouverymuch.

: I am trying to make my eyebrows grow a little further together (if you know what I mean). I feel like I need to change their shape which requires me to make them all bushy and foul so we have a clean palette so to speak. It’s not a fun process. I can’t look at myself in the mirror and I fear that years of bad plucking have left me bald in exactly the places I need them to be bushy. How does one perfect the art of the perfect brow shape? I feel like it’s something I need in my life, and yet something that I just won’t be able to get. Can I be any more pathetic?


  1. This weather is so far from fun. I’m over it and it’s only just begun. [cue, The Carpenters here].

    Good luck with your busy day!

    Poor old Goose has to fast today too. How the hell am I going to stop a 2 yo who chomps like a 15 yo boy from eating? Fark!

  2. Oh, we had 38 degrees in Melbourne too. Came home, kissed my air-con and pool…

    And we bought new couches too – and I too need cushions. Shall be trawling etsy. How exciting!

  3. Hot weather = foul night’s sleep. I tossed and turned and had no children in bed with me. No excuses really (except that it was so hot). But new couches? That has to make you happy a little? Cushion ideas, lots of texture and gorgeous fabric. Even if they’re the same colour, that works like a dream! Have fun putting it all together. Can’t wait to see the results! xx

  4. Well done you – on this hot sticky morning I’m having, with two grumpy kids who I was over by 8am this morning – you got at least 3 chuckles out of me while I read this post. I like to think I’m laughing with you. Hope the heat passes for both our sakes. x

  5. I love the Rug Company. They do beautiful rugs (der) and cushions. Might be a bit on the exe side but great for ideas if nothing else.

    My fav is this Vivienne Westwood smudged Union Jack. Soooo cool.

  6. Oh no, not the iPhone!! Argh!

    This heat is making me wilt. x

  7. Oh No, not the phone! Why does it always happen that the pants you DON’T check has the stuff in it…and why do men need pants with so many freaken pockets anyway?

  8. Like this woman, you lay asleep on the lounge after a hard days work.

    Like this woman, your work involves washing and folding. With the fruits of your labour there next to you whilst you snore away.

    Like this woman, you washed your husbands iPhone in his shorts.

    Like this woman, you have out of control eye brows.

    Like this woman, the husband kills two birds with the one, well, wax strip, and takes matters into his own hand.

    Beware distant dreams of Rob speaking softly to you whilst you sleep… “I love you baby”.

    Regards, Mr Anonymous

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