Simple perfection

Each and every time I have walked past my hall table over the past week I have been filled with joy. It doesn’t take much – some hydrangeas and agapanthus from the garden and whacking up my grandmothers mirror that I had hidden leaning against a cupboard in Harper’s room and bringing it out for all to enjoy. I salvaged the mirror from a pile of stuff that was being thrown out after my Grandfather died a few years ago. I just love the art deco style. I love the age of it. The history of it. The fact that it once was up in Dorothy’s house and may have been something that she loved too. And now? Well it gets a whole new chance to shine. That’s why I love old things.

These photos don’t do any of it any justice at all – no matter how hard I tired I just couldn’t get a good shot of it. But, believe me, the mirror, the spool drawer, the old chair, the flowers and crystal jug they are making me grateful for things of simple {and old} beauty. Lucky me.

Playing along with Maxabella this Saturday.


  1. love, love, love that mirror!!!!

  2. That mirror is divine! LOVE! x

  3. Gorgeous mirror! I love things that have a story and history.

  4. The photos do it justice – I think it’s such a pretty corner, full of history. Your grandmother had very good taste!

    Thanks for linking up, Beth. What a nice surprise to see you here today. x

  5. lovely – hydrangaes always make me think of my grandmothers garden. Love the way you have set up this little area, nice to get so much pleasure from it too. Ahh the small things x

  6. A truly happy space.

    Felicity x

  7. Just gorgeous. We too have my hubby’s grandmother’s mirror up in our hallway and I smile and think of her every time I walk past. Beautiful flowers. Nothing quite like a bowl of fresh flowers. xx

  8. Lovely <3

  9. Very special grateful and I love the mirror too.
    It is the simple things that bring us pleasure.

  10. ooohh art deco is my favourite era – my house is art deco and i love sourcing and finding artdeco treasures!~ that mirror is just divine – enjoy it xx

  11. This really is a beautiful spot. The mirror and furniture are all gorgeous, and ties in for a stunning photo with the simple vase and hydrangeas. You’ve got a treasured heirloom there with the mirror, that I’m sure the girls will be vying for when adults.

  12. I feel EXACTLY the same about my hallway. I have a treasured table which is from the old Savoy in London. Nothing delights me more than placing a vase of beautiful white flowers on it. Of course right now my table is covered in dustcloths while we renovate, but your post reminded me that it will be back again soon. Thank you. Your blog is simply beautiful x

  13. Oh I’m so glad you rescued that mirror – I love art deco!!

  14. it looks just gorgeous and another reason I am envious of your lovely house! Enjoy 🙂

  15. Looooove it! xx.

  16. Oh, Beth. Hydrangeas get me. Every single time. Just divine. J x

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