New decade. New year. Same old stuff.

I’m nothing if not consistent in a inconsistent kind of way. I’m either ALL the way happy, laughing, relaxed and fun or ALL the way frazzed, tired, cranky and just plain nasty. The new year is here, the new decade, the start of our new life and yet I have seen the year in under a cloud of meh. Which is ridiculous, and yet…yep…meh. I think the week of holidaying with family – the before 6am wake ups with 8 kids and late nights with 10 adults has taken it’s toll and caught up with me.

I’m tired. No, exhausted. I can’t remember feeling this bad even after the day after you give birth and we all know how tired that feels. This morning I feel a little better after a good nights sleep but NYE and yesterday I had over tired kids, cranky kids, clingy kids which spiralled out of control to one cranky Mama. No matter where you are – sometimes the old stuff rears it’s head – holidays or not.

January is not my friend. Never has been. But instead of getting ahead of myself, in a funk, in a bad frame of mind, I think I just need to get some more sleep. Some more rest, and then some more naps in. Now just to pass that onto my children who incidentally are pretty cute. Lucky for them or they may just be left on the Pacific Highway just past the Crescent head turn off…


  1. Oh, look at Miss Harperlicious with her hair all combed and styled – bless!

    And hey, I know what you mean. January can be a bitch – and the lack of sleep is an evil, evil master. Hope you get some rest soon xx

  2. she is your TWIN!!

    And girl but I HEAR YOU. I have also started 2011 under a storm cloud of meh, and GAH, and blerg. Not auspicious. But whatever, I probably just need a good nap.

    Here’s to more naps in 2011!!

  3. Is that the park in Kempsey near the Information Centre with signs that say ‘This is a high crime area’? I nearly left my kids there recently.

    Pass the kids to the relos and make sure you get some naps in. I was feeling similar a few days ago. The festive season can take its toll.


  4. Look at you and mini-me… how can you possibly not be loving every single minute with that adorableness… oh, wait, that’s right. They’re not just a pretty photo. They bicker and nag and whine and whinge and aaaaaarghghgh! And holidays are the WORST. Everyone needs a purpose and aimless children are just revolting. But, never mind, we will see the heat of January through and then look back on those pretty pictures and smile and smile and smile.

    Happy new year, Beth!!!!!!! x

  5. today I am willing to drive my 3 kids all the way to Crescent Head just to drop them off in that carpark! lol

  6. Aaaargh I feel your pain! I see beautiful wicker furniture and gorgeous smiles and divine soft baby hair in your photos….. but I also understand it can be torture! Especially (and particularly) when you are running on an empty tank. Good luck balancing your rest and that thing called ‘life’. It can be done! (er… apparently)

  7. Isn’t that *same shit, different place/year*? I can’t think of anything relaxing with 10 adults and 8 kids for days on end. Unless the kids are teenagers. How many years to go?

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