MONDAY? Again? I’m not quite sure how it happens, but here we are again at the start of another week. I have had my regular busy Monday morning cleaning the house and getting some washing done. This morning I was extra busy as we are waiting the arrival of a new couch! Purchased on the weekend! We were *meant* to get that new couch 4 months ago when we first moved in, and I finally pulled my finger out and took advantage of the sales that were all about to come to an end. So we snapped one up at 25% off. While it’s not out ‘forever’ couch, it’s a step up from the ‘Fantastic Furniture we are too broke for anything else’ couch that we bought when we moved into our old terrace almost 4 years ago.

So we moved the old couch down to the play area of the main living room and now have a whole new spot for hanging out with the kids when they play. I will be sure to get some shots of the new improved couch when it gets into place later today.

We had a lovely weekend at home. The weather was hot, the garden and house got a work over and we even got some socialising in there too. Rob and I went out for dinner on Saturday night to a local cafe in town which was fabulous fun. We got our first ever non-family member babysitter who looked after the girls too – Daisy was a fan so hopefully we can take advantage of her again sometime soon. It felt so good to get out together – just us – have a meal, a wine and a chat. Yesterday afternoon we went on a ‘blind date’ with some people from just near us. Rob’s Mum met the woman in Sydney and they got chatting about where we are etc – a few weeks later we had a chat on the phone and met them for a drink at the pub yesterday afternoon. They were lovely, creative people who I am sure we will catch up with again sometime soon. It’s been one of the best parts for me about moving down here – making real connections with people and feeling a part of something.

We have another busy week ahead as always and then next weekend some more entertaining of new friends here. Slowly, slowly bit by bit it’s all starting to feel a bit more like home.


  1. Hey Beth It really sounds like this sea change is suiting you. Parramatta Road must seem a million miles away. That rug is gorgeous – I love its vibrancy. Where did you find it? And is that an Ikea Expedit bookcase? Sadly, Ikea hasn’t made its way down to Tasmania yet so I can only look longingly at other people’s ☺. J x

  2. Lovely bright and colourful playroom you have there. Looks inviting! I bet your kids LoVe it~

  3. Love a new couch. That comfy, non-sinking feeling. I hope it is worth the wait! The toy room looks tops. And new friends are like old friends, only new. I am sure it will be the beginning of something grand. Awesomeness!

  4. The couch scenario has just happened here also! Great to have a couch in the playroom! I’ve been kicked in there now!

    Love the ‘blind date’! xx.

  5. You had me at “hot” weather…thanks for the visit! Enjoying your site! x

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