Just call me Bev: Episode 2.2

Here are the fruits (literally) of my labour yesterday afternoon to use up the blackberries that we picked on Thursday afternoon. I googled some recipes for apple pie and tweaked them all to come up with a Bev version. It is rustic to say the least. I have no real idea on measurements. This is no Women’s Weekly test kitchen. But it worked. And was tasty.

Bev’s Apple & Blackberry Pie

Some Granny Smith Apples
Some Blackberries
Some lemon juice from 1 lemon
Some butter
Some brown sugar
Some plain flour
Some cinnamon & nutmeg
Some pre-made short crust pastry
Some milk for glazing

I got my apples peeled and chopped into very rustic pieces. I had a 3 year old helping me so rustic was the word.

I then buttered the  pie dish and laid some pasty into the pie dish. Because it was so rustic it looked like a patchwork quilt with bits here and there. As I said, rustic like.

Into a pot I added the apples, blackberries, lemon juice, a wee bit of water and about 3 table spoons of brown sugar. I added more than was suggested because I wanted it sweet and the blackberries were very tart.

I let this bubble away for 1o mins or so, stirring a little when I remembered and until the apples were soft.

Because the mixture was quite wet I decided to add about 1/4 cup of plain flour to thicken it all up. Wrong move? Genius? Who knows. All I know is that it thickened it up nicely and meant that the mixture didn’t break through the pastry.

Then I poured the mixture into the pie dish. Look at that colour! Daisy was very impressed with this stage “Mum it looks like a PIE! A PIE!” Snap kid, snap.

We added the lid on and some love hearts that Daisy wanted (she made the bottom 2 and mine is in the middle). She then ‘painted’ it with milk.

Baked it in the oven at 200 degrees for about 30 mins, could have been longer, just until it was golden brown. Then we went out to the pub for dinner so it was left to cool on my bench. SHUT UP.

Then when we got home from the pub a few hours later we got stuck into pie with vanilla ice cream.

And while it doesn’t look like ‘perfect’ pie. It was delicious. And I made it. So there.


  1. That looks fabulous!
    Add to the season savvy apples!!!

  2. Bev, you’re a genius!

  3. Bev I bow to your pie skills. We move next week to a more rural place and we have a heap of fruit trees….everytime I see them now I laugh and keep telling Shane if Beth became Bev I think I’m going to have to become Maude.

  4. Oh, Bev! I’ve ever so super impressed! And I bet it tasted divine too. I heart the hearts 😉 xx

  5. Bev, please tell me what you’ve done with Beth?

    PS – The pie looks phenomenal!

  6. Oh my goodness! You could almost graduate to ‘beryl’ with country fare like that!!
    Funny you should mention WW – the only time a made an apple pie it was a WW one – so I could guarantee success (and it was sooooo good!)
    Love the little hearts on top too!


    Oh I wish I’d raided your bench while you were at the pub. Bloody YUM. I’m so going to make that, and do a linky back to Bev.


  8. You rock and you know it, BabyMacBev. x

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