Just call me Bev: Episode 2

Yesterday afternoon we had had enough shouting at each other (when are these school holidays over already?!) so we decided to get out. Get some fresh air. Clear my our heads. When I was at the butcher on Tuesday I saw a dodgy hand written sign for a blueberry farm not far from here. My gals would eat their body weights in blueberries if they could, so I thought it the perfect afternoon destination.

We finally found the farm, Daisy eagerly holding onto her container the entire trip asking if we were there yet? I pulled up to the farm, opened the gate despite the signs telling me it was PRIVATE PROPERTY! and to ENTER AT OWN RISK! and drove down to a house that looked like it should have been in a hoarding episode of Oprah. You could hear banjo’s playing if you listened really closely I’m sure of it. There was so much. stuff. everywhere. Everywhere. As in you couldn’t see through the windows through all. that. stuff. Smashed up cars were in the front yard towing trailers full of stuff. It was not quite the country style scene I was hoping for. I waited out the front a little unsure of what to do looking at Daisy peering out through the window of the car, still holding onto her little container. A few minutes passed and this old duck (not literally but an old duck of the lady kind) appeared from the mountains of stuff and after a quick discussion I found out that the season ended. Yesterday. THERE WERE NO MORE BERRIES! OK. So I plucked up the courage to walk back to the car to deliver some more disappointment to one almost 4 year old desperately peering out at me all the while quickly trying to come up with something. Anything.

I had some vague recollection of some other farm? I think? Somewhere here? Maybe? Or was it on holidays? I grabbed my phone trying to get online but thanks to Vodafone I had nothing. Even amongst all that stuff. So we drove. Just drove and eventually Daisy fell asleep and just when I was about to head home we saw it! The farm! Another farm! With a nice sign and everything and best of all? OPEN. I almost swerved off the road doing a U-turn which incidentally woke Daisy up so I could have my very own Chevy Chase Vacation moment saying “Oh! Here we are! Ready to go Daise?!”

So we went and picked Blackberries (never mind they weren’t blue – they were still flipping berries!). And it was hot under the netting. And we had to keep an eye out for snakes (probably shouldn’t have let Harper crawl around). And we weighed them. And then paid for them. And bought some jam. And went home.

And it was awesome. And a great reminder that we certainly couldn’t clear our heads like this just 3 months ago. And that I love living here. Being able to do this.

And now we just have to work out what to do with them. Episode 2.2 to follow once I figure it out so watch this space….


  1. Such fun! Loved your Chevy Chase moment. Now you’re going to HAVE to make an apple and blackberry pie. Just do the usual apple pie, but do 3/4 apples and 1/4 blackberries. TO. DIE. I promise. x

  2. Yum! Our blackberries and raspberries are just about to kick in! my kids love them frapped with ice and a little lime or elderflower cordial,… such good slushies 🙂 pjxx

  3. sigh I would love a bit of that country living right now! trying to think of jobs my hubby could do out of town…………


  4. Oh, WOW, Blackberries! They look awesome. We sometimes go to pick strawberries from a farm near here & it is just the best kidlet thing to do. Fresh air, delicious berries, the whole experience of picking something yourself. Wonderful!
    Mrs BC

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