I’ll take Disney, thankyouverymuch

What’s worse than sitting through a Disney Live show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre with a gazillion other little girls all dressed up in Disney dresses begging you to buy them Disney merchandise for 5950% more than it is actually worth?

A clingy baby that will not let you out of her sight and who cries the very instant you leave her side and occasionally screams out for you in the middle of the night who will then not let you out of her sight and who cries the very instant you leave her side. Well not so much the baby, but the fact that you have not had any time away from said child in weeks makes this a potential worse case scenario.

So this morning me and my number one gal (in birth rank order nothing else…I promise) are heading up to Sydney to go to the Disney concert with her 2 other cousins. I have been looking forward to this all week (I know who am I these days?!) given the week we have had with Harper. We are staying at My Mum’s place, hanging out together, having a sleep over, catching up with my best friend for dinner, sleeping in (maybe) not being woken up by a baby and then in the morning I have a full days worth of bridesmaid shopping to do without ANY children. Rob and Harper will come up some time tomorrow before Rob and I head off to his mate’s 40th. Bring. It. On.

I am completely, totally and utterly ignoring the sore throat I have woken up with and totally, completely not letting it turn into the case of tonsillitis that Rob has suffered from this week. No, it’s definitely not that. OK? Fingers crossed for Rob riding solo tonight, for my throat and for the very important shopping I need to do tomorrow.

See you on the other side.


  1. It definitely isn’t tonsilitis. Rob will be fine. Harper will be fine. Most importantly you are going to have the BEST time. Enjoy lovely lady, can’t wait to hear all about it. xx

  2. With such a great weekend planned there is NO WAY that you’re getting tonsilitis. Well if you’ve been kissing Rob, it might be… but you will just ignore it if it happens. We’ve ignored far greater things that tonsilitis in our time!! x

  3. Have fun. Just walk away, ignore all signs of ill health and enjoy yourself. Rob will be fine 🙂

  4. It SO isnt tonsilitis – now guzzle echinacea, garlic and pineapple juice like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy a bit of peace without the limpet baby. *s*

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