Country road, take me home

We have a 7 hour drive ahead of us today. Down the highway, past Sydney and down to our own hills. It feels strange that we won’t be going back to Sydney after such a familiar holiday up here. It feels strange that I won’t be going back to work. It’s like this little trip has sent me into some time vortex where the past 3 months actually never happened. Perhaps it’s the amount of booze and food I have been getting stuck into the past 2 weeks? Perhaps indeed.

Whatever it is, boy am I glad that we have our own piece of heaven on earth to go home to today. Last night I got myself into quite the state thinking of all the things I have to do in the next week or so – get the Christmas tree down, wash, unpack, shopping, salvaging parts of the garden that have been neglected, cleaning – all that normal day to day stuff.  And then larger, longer term plans – getting fit, really getting into the garden & planting, weeding, pruning it, running, finding a Pilate’s class to go to, getting Harper into some playgroup, getting Daisy settled back into school, finding a friend or me, getting into some kind of settled life. Needless to say I was awake for over an over as I worried over each and every item. Yes, the holiday is well and truly over.

So. Better get those bags packed. My wits and patience really stored up and hit the road for the next 7 hours. Hold me. See you on the other side!

It’s OK, the ute was parked at the time. I don’t let my 14 month old stand up all on her own while it’s, ahem, driving.

Nor my 3 year old for that matter.

Don’t you love Harper’s hair in the bottom of this shot? Adds a certain something does it not?

I’m going to miss this place. Rob’s Dad and step mum have done the most amazing job clearing the bush all around their farm. They have spent months getting all the undergrowth and lantana cleared away and some proper grasses planted. With all the rain they have had there is this most beautiful green, cleared land around the old trees and all these new views from every turn. It’s a credit to them – restoring the country to it’s former glory and making it one hell of a pretty place for the cattle to chew.


  1. It’s beautiful, and the kids are too cute.

    You can be honest with us. You’ve embraced your Country-ness and this is how the kids ALWAYS travel, right?

    We arrived home from our holiday at the in-laws on Sunday, and I had that same anxiety… all the things I needed to do ASAP. I spent Sunday cleaning my house, putting away the tree and everything that resembled Christmas. You will get it all done, and feel better.

    Happy 2011. x

  2. Its hard coming home after a holiday, I did five loads of laundry the first day and then fell into a depression when I realised that meant I had to fold and put it all away. I always find this time of year a little emotional, the fun stuff is over, the new year looms, bad eating habits linger, the children are bored. Anyway, yesterday I started the great clean up, slowly, room by room. Travel safe!

  3. We didn’t even really go away and I had all those feelings. After I’d packed away the Chrissy tree and organised myself a bit I felt better.

    Good luck for the drive!

  4. Safe travels home! 2010 was huge for you all! Happy 2011! xx.

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