Busiest Bees

We have been on the GO since we arrived home on Wednesday afternoon. Honestly, Rob and I have not stopped. It’s been great to write up a big list of stuff that needed to get done and cross one of them off every few hours. While we were away I made the mistake of going through some old photos of the house from before we bought it and when we first moved in. This was not such a good idea as I panicked and despaired that we had let the garden go to ruin. And when you are over 500km’s away – like at 3 am – the problem seemed a million times worse than the reality of the situation. As soon as we got home and I walked around to take it all in, sure it was a little overgrown and messy, but the bones were all in good order – a little maintenance would have us back into shape.

We have trimmed, edged, weeded, mowed, swept, raked, gone to the tip, watered and that’s just on the outside. I have weeded and weeded and then weeded again. The driveway, the garden beds, the septic tank, the everything. Weeds are my new enemy and I have a feeling they will get the better of me if I don’t keep on top of them. My new years resolution is to make an effort to get outside each and every day when Harper has her sleep – even if it’s for 15 minutes – and tackle a little section. That way I figure I can move around and then when I’m done, start back at the beginning.

It’s been so nice to get outside, get dirty, get sweaty, get blisters and sore muscles and a little sunburn. I have always loved to be in the garden and this year I want to remember that. Get out there. Get amongst it. And then sit back and enjoy – the very best bit of the whole process no doubt.

Here are a few shots of some of our handiwork over the past few days.

: The star jasmine on the side verandah was threatening to take over the entire space. We have cut them all back and were amazed that there are still flowers on each of the shrubs. They look like little Christmas trees up each of the poles covered in tiny white flower lights. And the smell when you open that kitchen door? Intoxicating.

: Rob mowed the lawns (just for something different) and after dinner last night Daisy, Harper and I played the best game of “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”. We sure are lucky to have all that beautiful, soft green lawn to run up and down on. And when it’s just been mowed, it’s all the better for running on. It wasn’t half bad eating dinner out there amongst all that jasmine either.

: Rob mastered the art of topiary yesterday and spent hours on our front hedge. There is one in the middle that has died off and I’m not too sure how you go about fixing that, but it’s once again looking like a beautiful curved, green wall.

: The two huuuuuge branches that peeled off the Snow Pear in December that we dragged down the side of the house out of the way had to be dealt with. All the leaves had died and turned black and the whole mess was just a nasty, big mess. I spent hours on Friday morning cutting it all back by hand with some big cutters. I have nasty blisters on both hands, scratches all over, and a big mess all in a pile now that we have to somehow get rid of. At least it’s organised mess (in my mind anyway).

: Gin and tonics on the front verandah are all the sweeter knowing you have been hard at work.  I tell you what, this grown up house is quite the business.

This week I have “a man” coming in to help with all the big ticket items – the hedges around the entire house. Once we give them all a big cut back hopefully we can sit back and relax, for a few months at least…


  1. It all looks so divine. And I love your Jasmine Christmas trees. So cute! I’ve been dreading today’s gardening jobs, but if it all looks good at the end, then I’m in! Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with us. It is truly gorgeous. xx

  2. Your home is such a visual treat.
    It must be so nice to open the gate and hear the crunch of the driveway gravel as you come home.
    Enjoy the rest of your day and all that it holds,

    Felicity x

  3. It’s magnificent. Wow, love it all. We’re re-seeding our back garden, very unexciting & sad to have to keep the puppy off it until it’s strong. We’re madly doing everything that needs doing as my husband is off in a few days for pretty much, 2 years. So it’s me & the lawn mower, weed kill, pruning & fertilizer. Fun!! Love Posie

  4. ahhhhhhhhhhh did you hear me just let out a big sigh! I just love your new house. I love all the greenery, the gorgeous white, oh that star jasmine! just heaven!

    I would just love to leave the big smoke and have a house as gorgeous and oh your driveway and little hedges….heaven!


  5. looks beautiful! We were not so lucky when we moved into our country house. the people who lived here before us had not touched the acre of garden for at LEAST 5 years! We are slowly getting some sort of order in place,… it’s tough with small kiddies though,..rain,…mist,…and an interior that had also not been touched for 5years! overwhelming!!!!

  6. A couple of days in the garden is just the best kind of fun (if you ask me!). That little hedge hasn’t died off, yet, but check him for parasites or pests or a virus… something is getting to him. Take a twig down to your local nursery for help. And give him a good feed of mushroom compost in the meantime… x

  7. I didn’t even know what Topiary as until I read this! Thanks Betty.

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