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Note: this post will more than likely be in the too much information Beth and that’s something that I did not want to know about Beth category. So male friends, Rob, Rob’s brother, Rob’s business partner, my brother, my step dad and father in law…go and watch the cricket or something. OK?

Years ago now (did you know that I will celebrate FIVE years of blogging this year? FIVE!?) I wrote a little blog post complaining (how unusual) about my hormones. Ever since I started this blog I have been or have not been pregnant. Not so unusual I know, but I have either been raging with pregnancy hormones, or post baby, breastfeeding hormones, to some kind of normal hormones to doing it all over again. Just when those baby hormones should be sorted you move into some kind “phase” of sleep regression, or teething, or toilet training or something so that life is never quite normal. Or it is for 3 whole days before being not normal all over again. It’s quite the roller coaster.

My long suffering and wonderful mother (who is the one who calls the hormones the moaning whores which incidentally leads some freaky people to my blog when they type in unmentionable terms into google) told me recently that when she reads about one of my “down periods” it’s usually the same time every month. Huh. Thanks for that Mum.

So I started to have a good look at myself. The mirror was a little depressing so I did some inner soul searching and some mental calculations and what do you know, it seems just after I ovulate I turn into some kind of hormonal, emotional wildebeest who speaks fluent bitch and is permanently pissed off. At everything. Huh. So I have decided to try something different and go back on the pill. I haven’t been on the pill in a bazillion years (well at least 5) and so I am interested to see how it all goes down, so to speak. I figure that it will sort out the birth control, keep the hormones on some kind of regular, even keel and maybe, just maybe, make me a little less psycho or psycho all the time so that no one notices the difference. I have heard all sorts of stories about the things inserted in your arm, and all the other solutions out there and who knows if this will be good, but it’s worth a shot right? (it’s OK I am aware how often I say right?! desperately in my posts, it’s annoying isn’t it?)

But…What do you do? What works for you? How do you keep the hormones in check? Am I alone in this conundrum? Is conundrum the best word ever? What should I make for dinner? How do I make my hair from going so brassy and stay nice and silvery and platinum? Can I ask any more questions? Who wants to know just one of the things those poor, disappointed (and clearly highly aroused) people typed into google to get to my blog? What could be the possible reason for this maniacal questioning? Is it the hormones? IS IT THE HORMONES?!


  1. ok,…so the trick to nice silvery, platinum hair is ‘fanciful’. the silver/blue stuff that nana’s put in their hair! yup. they should stock plenty of the stuff in Bowral! lol When I had platinum hair i swore by it. go to the chemist and buy the one that is called white fox,..or silver lining or something like that,…. (get the liquid,.not the mousse). wash your hair and rub some straight into wet hair. if you are feeling cheeky,..there is also one that can make your hair a lovely dusky pink! Or lavender,..! think Kellie Osbourne! (the other issues, I refuse to comment on!) lol pjxx

  2. Conundrum is a great word as is your description speaking bitch fluently. I think exercise helps. For the infrequent months where I fit in regular walking things seem better, months without, yes wildebeest woman appears too! I’ve bought all the vitamins… only think about taking them when sanity prevails. 🙂 5 yrs of blogging. Holy cow! Well done.

  3. Oh hell yes! I went through this for a few long months after Stella turned one and stopped breastfeeding. I also get hormonal headaches, once a month just before my period so going back on the pill was a worry as headaches are a side-effect. Anyway, it took nearly five months to get it all figured out, I started on Yasmine which made me even more manic, bitchy and unmanageable (according to my husband) and the headache was worse, a lot worse. Then my GP and I decided to try Triphasil. I ended up buying the generic version called Trifeme and can I hear a halleluiah?!? Finally, I feel balanced, content, my moods are much more reasonable. My emotions are real and understandable. I have lost some weight, my skin looks great, my periods are just easy and the best thing, the headache is ok!
    I was so hesitant to go back on the pill but strangely all the negative side affects from when I was younger are just not an issue, maybe my hormones really have changed since children. Now I just need to convince my husband to have another baby!

  4. I hear you baby – mac. My hormones are out of control and off the charts.
    The pill – levelin? has worked for me in the past. I took a lose dose.

    At the moment I’m just putting up with them!

    Good luck and glad you got the BM dress sorted.

  5. i dont have children yet so cant really comment too much. but have been on the pill since i was 17. originally i was on levelen but it was causing massive mood swings for me. so now im on microgyon 20 which is the lowest dosage for pill that you can get. works for me.

    {sorry if spelling is incorrect…}

  6. Pill works for me just fine, I went on the arm thing (Implanon) for a year and it made me KERAAAAZY. Bad crazy. Not funny crazy. I was high then low and not in the least bit interested in sex, crying all the time. But i KNow other people whove been just fine with it. *sigh* stupid hormones.

  7. I want to go back to all those years of not ovulating! it was quite nice really because I went from agonising period pain and hugely hormonal to nothing then for over 5 years I’ve been a baby machine producing 4 babies.

    my ob insisted I take some birth control after this baby and when he asked what I wanted I sat there not having a clue – it had been so long I had no idea what to do. So I have a prescription for a low dose pill but secretly hoping I go back to not ovulating so it’s one less thing to worry about. I’m not one to embrace that side of womanhood!


  8. Oh I hear you! I have just gone back on the pill (after having a few years while TTC, being pregnant then breastfeeding).
    No great changes here though – still a cranky cow, only now my face is covered in big horrible spots – which makes me even more cranky!
    Humph – I think I need more chocolate, this post is making me sound cranky!! 😛

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