Point & Shoot

Sunday 19th December 2010 3.30pm @ Home

: A quick storm out of no where and one hell of a gust of wind saw our beautiful snow pear out the front have half of her branches ripped/peeled off. I was both amazed at what can happen in literally 1 second of natures fury, and how very sad it was to see something so beautiful, no longer. I will admit I shed a tear. All that time, all those years to grow and then…gone!

: At least Rob’s mowing will be easier now. Do you think we will have to get an aborist or someone similar in to make sure it doesn’t all come down? I have no idea about matters such as these.


  1. that’s sad Honey.. but I wouldnt worry about an arborist…. ’tis only a small tree xxx

  2. No to the arborist, it’s only a small tree and they’re clean breaks.

    Mother Nature can have a temper when she so wishes!


  3. Bless that little pear tree. Make a little something out of its branches so it wasn’t all for nought. x

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