Oh the places you’ll go

I know. It’s after 8pm. I was *meant* to post 12 hours ago, and then life got in the way. Funny how that happens. Between the NUTBAG baby who has lost ALL her senses and is so frustrated now that she just throws herself off the couch bungee style, and my Mum visiting for a mid-weeker and end of Preschool presents & parties and a weekend trip to Sydney to pack and plan for, there’s not much left.

But. I have to say that I have got some Christmas shopping done. And this year it has been a completely different experience. I have been nowhere near a Westfield. Or major shopping centre. I have been online. And in shops. With real people. That know what they are selling. And are actually willing to help you find something suitable. You can converse. And share. And laugh. And spend. Who knew?!

Today my day went like this:

8.45am Preschool drop off laden with gifts for teachers that Daisy chose from the text town’s new gift shop that opened a few months ago. The gifts were chosen specifically by a 3 yro in a fancy shop who was loving herself sick, were quite fabulous. Wrapped and CHEAP. Win. Win. Win. WIN!

9.15am FABULOUSO home wares shop for  Step Grandma-in-law (who knew there was such a thing) & step-mother-in-law in Bowral

9.35am Coffee & muffin

10.00am Seed for kids presents/birthday presents for those poor little nieces & nephews of mine that have birthdays in the silly season as well as a few bits & bobs for the sacks. Um did someone say sale? Yes, yes they do and it’s good. And CHEAP. Win! WIN!

10.30am Here for some more bits & pieces. I don’t think I have ever been into a shop where you can buy bullets AND a deer head.  Quite awesome really. The man who helped me was a doll (can you be a doll when selling bullets?) and my Mum and I giggled as we pretended to know what he was talking about. Note: I did not purchase bullets. Hoping the 13 month old sorts herself out before we get to that.

11.00am Headed into the next town to show Mum the new fancy fruit & veg shop that I raved on about. I think she was impressed. In any case she bought potatoes. And seeing as we were right outside the Big Potato, only fitting. Just quietly, is that the best tourist destination EVER? I think so.

11.30am Stopped in here for a quick browse and ended up spending some money AND meeting the most lovely woman. What is it about galleries, and classical music and a cool breeze? Now that would be a job…

12.15pm home with pies for husband to excuse the fact that I did the preschool drop off and came home 3 hours later.

The rest of the afternoon was spent salvaging baby from the floor after she kept flinging herself off. Someone hold me.

Now. Tomorrow will be no different. I have 12 month needles for the baby which I have delayed because I am forgetful and lazy and actually quite pleased about because she will get some just desserts for her behaviour of late. Kidding. Not really. And then packing for a 2 night stay in Sydney, then picking up toddler post Christmas sausage sizzle, getting in car & driving to Sydney, checking into hotel (no bastard had room for our family in the inn this weekend) and getting kids to sleep before Grandma is left with them for the night before we go out to dinner! With adults! And then a trip to Luna Park, Christmas shopping, a 40th and Christmas catch up brunch. I am exhausted just thinking about it all….

So if there’s no post. Forgive me. It’s Christmas. Hope you have a good one.


  1. Ah life. Gets in the way of… life.

    Hope the needles go okay. Secretly I know that you are not looking forward to it… x

  2. You are making me so sad. I miss all the lovely shops. And the beautiful people. Please stop these posts. It’s been so hot here, I would kill for some 14 degree action.
    Hope Harper feels a bit happier soon x poor little poppet! Have a great weekend. Sounds busy!

  3. I was expecting a book review (I LOVE that book!). A busy day for Ms Mac. Glad you could fit us in 🙂

  4. Look at you!

    Hope you have a good weekend and you get a few peaceful moments.


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