Mrs Brightside

So. It’s still raining. But you knew that already right? I have had a crazy busy morning and only just realised the time. I have dropped Daisy off at school, done the shopping {and unpacked}, done 3 loads of washing because THIS CAN’T GO ON and I just have to wash. I even put things on the line in the hope that the breeze would dry them. Fingers crossed. I have changed Daisy’s sheets, dusted every surface in the house, emptied all the dead flowers that were around the house, cleaned the fish bowl and now just waiting on Harper to wake up so I can vacuum and mop. Domestic goddess did you say? Why yes, yes I am. Actually, I think that the cabin fever  that has seen us at home since Sunday afternoon finally kicked in. As I was hanging out some washing earlier I was thinking about all this week weather and how grateful I am that we are in this new big house. Sure it’s been tough being stuck inside…but…look at where we are! Look at the space we have! We can even ride scooters and bikes around the verandah too. Lucky ducks.

Speaking of lucky ducks – Rob is heading off on a fishing trip for the next 4 or so days. He is fly fishing with some mates from school down in Thredbo. I must say the appeal of fishing in the rain is never a strong one for me, but I have to say some time to myself? I would give anything for at the moment. Let’s just hope that the girls stay well and we have no repeats of Monday night. I don’t think I am strong enough for that right now.

We will actually be spending most of the weekend up in Sydney which will be good fun. Can you believe it has almost been 2 months since I have been there? I know. I can’t believe it either. I’m looking forward to some action – catching up with friends and family {and even work} and a taste of the old familiar. I am not looking forward to traffic. And humidity. And crowds. And waiting in lines in supermarkets. Look at how I have changed!

Now. Off to put some washing on. And maybe some Christmas decorations up. Shhh…but at this exact moment…there is sunshine outside. Not for long no doubt, but I need my washing to get it. Later!


  1. Oh, you are the domestic goddess. Please come and domestic-ize my house. It’s been raining for two days and I’ve just been content to hide on the couch with my book while my son takes advantage of my distraction.

  2. My home needs dusting too… can you come visit? I love your flowers… so bring them too…haha
    Found your comment interesting on Maxabella Loves so came to visit your blog. Now I follow.

  3. Domestic goddess indeed. PS. It’s the finderskeppers markets in Sydney this Saturday… you may wanna check that good stuff out. *s*

  4. I think in this ridiculous weather it’s okay to use the dryer… really okay!! Enjoy your trip to the ‘big smoke’*x

    * I always hated that expression until my visit to far north QLD last week and I realised that that is what they actually say in the country… x

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