Merry and Bright

I wish that I had the decorating skills {and or actual stuff} to pull together a cohesive, crisp Christmas display. Maybe one year I will decide on a ‘theme’ and then actually spend more than $2 on decorations. Maybe.  What we do have is an eclectic mix of small odds and ends, mostly all given to me, that create little whispers of Christmas {except for Daisy’s room, but we will get there in a sec}.

We have put a few bits and pieces up for now and plan on getting a tree in the next week or so….OH MY STARS there is a Christmas tree farm not far from here that we can go and get a fresh tree from…hello GRISWALDS bring it on! Thought you might like a little wander around…

Daisy’s Christmas Branch tree that was a craft project with my Mum which I think is actually quite fabulous. It’s been shoved strategically placed into a crystal water jug.

A sweet little reindeer.

Something {perfect} else to sit on my new spool drawer.

The advent calendar.

Then we enter “The Christmas Zone” or where the ghost of Christmas Present came and threw up. What can I say? The gal likes herself some Christmas.

She has her own wreath on her bedroom door. As one does.

Some tinsel wrapped around the end of her bed complete with a Santa sack awaiting something…?

And then we move up to….THE LIGHTS! Which are adorning her world map. It surely is a party up there in the northern hemisphere. It’s like a kiddy Christmas club in there and I kind of like it.

And the wreath that doesn’t quite sit on the door so is on the hooks next to the door. For now at least.

Hope your weekend days are indeed Merry and Bright.


  1. AM loving it!

    We are a family of the $2 decoration too. Last weekend, at DJs, Lil spotted an angel she decided she had to have. Handblown glass, made in Poland, about 10cm high, $45. I convinced her we’d find something much better at Go-Lo, especially with Goosey the destructor about.

    Can I ask, where did you get that map on Daisy’s wall? I’m liking it a lot.

  2. Your decors are fine. I went cheapo this year too as I have no theme to work on nor am I inspired to think of one. HAve a good day!

  3. We don’t do the themed Christmas thing – I think I’d find it boring after a few smug moments appreciation. My gal also has a wreath for her door – and a lighted angel for her window. I am so not showing her Daisy’s magnificence – jeez, I’m jealous!

  4. I think your decorations look fabulous, and that people are enjoying the lead up to xmas. I let my kids do what they want with their decorations, and hate contrived Xmas trees. Plus with small children I wouldn’t want anything too expensive or breakable for decorations! Love the tinsel on her bed!

  5. Adorable!

    Where o where did you get that wonderful map on Daisy’s wall?

  6. Your festiveness (real word??hmm) is so putting me to shame. Must put up tree. Must put up wreath. Must do, well about 1 million other xmassy things…very soon…:-) xxxCate

  7. Looks a lot like Christmas to me!! With that darling advent calender, what more do you need? LOVE the juniorburger’s room. She’s just like me. x

  8. I second Corinne’s question and ask where you got that map on Daisy’s wall? I too am liking it alot!

    As for mismatched decorations, who cares? I find the mismatched AND particularly the cheap make for the best deco’s, they are usually loved more than the expensive ones!


  9. We are all about cheap and cheerful here – not only is my box of Christmas decos in storage while we build, but I have a curious 11 month old getting into everything…solved the problem with $2 tinsel (or ‘pincel’, as we call it!) draped everywhere – voila! Instant Christmas! THe big kids are delighted, the cat is freaked out, and I have enough money for a coffee. Bliss.

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