Lessons {still not} learnt

: That it is never a wise idea to get too excited on the first night of a holiday. You think I would know this by now, given my past experiences for always going too hard on the first night, but oh no, Friday night saw us all get a way bit too excited, drinking like we were 23 with no kids. We are, in fact, much older than that with 4 kids between us. Let’s just say the rest of the weekend was very quiet, naps, no sight seeing and a pathetically early Saturday night.

: That by having a big Friday night and a quiet Saturday night that by Sunday you will be keen for another drink. Our local pub may be THE perfect place to do this. Sitting in the cool under a huge maple tree, next to hydrangeas and your husband, kids running free, you may get tempted to have 4 schooners {that was just me} of Coopers. Then once the kids are asleep you may be tempted to have a bottle of Prosecco to watch the sun set. And then some more wine once inside. Again…am I 23? Alas no.

: That this place is always good in theory and yet with an overtired baby and toddler {and Mama}? Not so much. We destroyed the place.

I have however, woken with FULL Christmas cheer and excitement today. Christmas is next week! NEXT WEEK! We are going on holiday to the beach with all my family and then up to Rob’s Dad’s farm and will have Rob for 2 weeks. I can’t wait. For all of it. Do you have that bubbly, butterfly feeling too?

Now just to figure out if that feeling is in fact denial….?


  1. What is it about libraries? My kids always destroy them!

    Oh and yes I never learn those lessons either, not matter how hard they’re beaten over my head!

  2. Um, lesson not learnt here either! xx.

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