It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

When I saw this post yesterday and saw the forecast for today I knew I had one thing to do today.

This was taken not 4 minutes ago from my lounge room. I can assure you that the smell of fresh pine AND burning wood is as good as you would think it to be. As is the wine sitting right there on that rug.

It’s OK. I know. I am thanking my lucky stars. Believe me. I still can’t believe that this. Is. Ours.

Merry Christmas!

Now where’s the eggnog? Oh and just in case you thought I was faking it…the apparent temp outside at the mo is 9. SURELY that justifies a fire no?


  1. Beautiful! You have the Christmas mantle of my dreams! {that red reindeer = gorgeous}

  2. Oh, it’s as good as I’d imagined it. Perhaps even better. I hope you enjoyed your fire and wrapping your gifts. After my post today “ten tips to finding (and keeping) the Christmas Spirit” – which I totally lost earlier by the way – I think I found it again. But if I had your lounge room fire, and lovely real tree, I could have found it quicker 😉 xx

  3. Stunning, your mantlepiece is just gorgeous. I can imagine the combination of christmas lights, fireplace, fresh pine and a glass of wine is heavenly. How bizarre is this summer weather!

  4. i am trying to convince my 3yo that it doesn’t snow here at xmas!!
    i’m not sure if i even believe that, it could happen at any minuite 🙂
    merry xmas

  5. 9 degrees? Oh, yes it most certainly does!


  6. Ooooooh gorgeous! Your living room is looking so delightfully comfortable! What is your forecasted temperature for Christmas Day? We have a scorching 36 degrees predicted, so it seems while you’ll be snuggling near your fire we’ll be running through sprinklers!

  7. We have had a roaring fire going for a month now, but this week and last we have seen temperatures as low as -40 below!! No need to convert it is the only temperature the same on both!! Makes me love the Internet and being able to “get” away to tropical places for a few minutes a day.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas with all of your family!

  8. Oh, Beth! I’d be happy to swap, cold weather and all ☺. You are one lucky duck. Enjoy your precious first Christmas there. J x

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