Great big ball o’crank

The baby! The baby! THE BABY!

Adorable? Sure.
Hilarious? In her own little ways, yes.
Able to walk yet? Why no, no she isn’t. Thanks for asking. And yes, she is almost 14 mths old.
Kamikaze nutbag? Yes. Completely.
FRUSTRATED? H to the ELL to the Y to the EAH.
Exhausting? What was who she that you he said what…zzzzzzzzz? 

She has some new tricks though and this little clip managed to capture them all in the space of 50 odd seconds. She does this, then stacks, screams into floods of tears. Rinse & Repeat. Then the same, except instead of falling over, pulls her sister’s hair who then screams. Rinse & Repeat. I am having SO MUCH FUN parenting at the moment! It’s relentless. And I am looking down the barrel of many weeks of this. I think this Christmas I am going to take pills and drink gin and wake up sometime in the new year.

Anyway. The clip. It stars:

1. The solo stand. She is very proud of this.
2. The hopping on knees baby hopper weird thing that she does which she thinks is awesome. If she could say “Hi, I’m Harper Macdonald and this is my cool trick” she would say it.
3. Her “walking”. Because she can’t do it standing up, she figures that so long as her feet are flat on the ground, then she is walking. I really hope she figures this shit out because it will make for an interesting day at Primary School orientation when she walks in like that.

Anyway, I’m off to the doctor to get me some Valium. Or xanax. Or something….


  1. oh love,….! this. too. shall. pass! (but,…it does help to drink the vodka/gin/french champagne in the meantime) xx

  2. My cousin use to walk like that till she was 25 months old.

    Then bang one day she just uped & walked normal.

    Every child is different and you are a wonderful parent.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  3. The baby hop is very cute! Isn’t she so proud!?… Our neighbours little girl who is 14 months is also not walking yet. I think I would rather it that way for my 15 month old most days!!!

  4. Oh, how gorgeous. My gal is (almost) 16 months and nowhere near doing any of that, so don’t worry too much…

  5. I have only seen knee hopping like that in So you Think you can Dance. Very impressive. Now turn up the music.

  6. totally adorable!!

    you know, Angus ‘knee walked’ until two weeks before his second birthday, everywhere… then he just stood up and walked like any other kid!?!?

    at least Harper is willing to put her feet on the ground, Angus wouldn’t even to that…

  7. Sheesh, I remember the pre-walker days all too well. It’s like the memory is burned on my very bleeding soul. But, you know, when she walks she walks and then it’s done. x

  8. We specialise in slow walkers around here too. The Minx had a similar style to your Harper; a bit of bouncing and knee walking. It was hysterical! They all do it eventually but the problem is they get so damned heavy to carry around in the meantime! Loved you little movie!

  9. Beth, Ossie didn’t crawl until he was 12 months old and didn’t walk until 18 months old. Frustrating as hell at the time because everyone had their opinions, but you wouldn’t know it now!

    Hang in there, she’ll be upright before you know it xx

  10. hi, I just found your blog via Maxabella loves. I love your post, my 21 month old didn’t walk till she was 18 months, did this weird bum shuffle thing instead. She didn’t even stand/weight bear until she was 13 months old!! i’ve got a nearly 4 year old as well and life sure is crazy some days! Was veeeeery happy tonight when they were both finally asleep :)!

  11. How cute is that??!!

    Bloody adorable!

    Oh she will walk, and then she will run. Then Daisy will run in one direction and Harper in the other. Usually in busy shopping centres. Then the fun really begins….

  12. Coming from a family with a long line of bum shufflers, commando crawlers and other weird ways of getting around, let me reassure you that all the kids have started school on their feet…

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